9 Korean Actors That Could Kill With Their Sexiness

We are here today to appreciate some of the hot Korean actors who have proven over and over their ability to impress everyone with their sexiness. Their looks, confidence, and charisma – it’s almost as if they are trying to give us heart attacks with their every glance!

(Be careful, this article might cause excessive fangirling over these talented hotties!)

Without further ado, here are just a few of the handsome actors we have been watching.

Very intently…

Gong Yoo is best known for his sweet and playful personality – but this man is definitely attractive as well! Whether he is portraying a teacher who fights for justice, like he did in “Silenced,” or a desperately determined father, as he did in “Train To Busan,” he’s one of our top favorites!Gong Yoo

Do not be fooled by this smiley marshmallow!

Blink once and he will blind you with his manliness before you even know what’s happened!

Enjoy this entrancing video from a photoshoot he did for Marie Claire!

Why is he allowed to be so cute and sexy at the same time?

All we know is that his flirtatious and confident smile are trashing hearts everywhere!

Best known for his bad-boy image due to his roles in popular dramas such as “School 2013” and “Heirs,” Kim Woo Bin is the embodiment of tall, dark, and handsome. With his signature eyebrows and deep voice, this model-turned-actor is always a joy to watch! Not just because he is unrealistically beautiful, but because he has a knack for making the bad boys in dramas seem completely lovable.

Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin has even beefed up for his newest drama “Uncontrollably Fond,” so of course we should watch a clip of his newest hunk image!

Watch Kim Woo Bin be surrounded by nothing but his own manliness as he wanders around in nature for W Korea.

Hopefully we will get to watch Kim Woo Bin win over all the ladies for a long time to come!

Lee Joon Gi has been known as one of the first “flower boys” since his popularity soared back in 2005 when he stared in “The King and the Clown.” Since then, he’s been in a handful of traditional dramas, as well as the action-suspense series “Two Weeks.” Every time we see him again, he appears to be getting even more handsome, leading to sky-high expectations for his newest drama, “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo.”

Lee Joon GI

Skilled at acting, Lee Joon Gi is also a singer and he has completed his mandatory military service.


Seriously, who looks this good in a candid photo and is he made of porcelain? His Instagram account is full of spectacular photos!

He looks like an anime character coming to steal our hearts with his longer hair!

If you want to see more of Lee Joon Gi and his unbelievable jawline, then you will love this clip from his Marie Claire photoshoot:

Calm and confident, Lee Joon Gi definitely knows what his fans like!

Park Bo Gum is a genuine sweetheart… but one who snatches hearts before their owners even realize it. He began his acting career with secondary roles, but his character in “Reply 1988” brought him into the ranks of popular flower boys! While he is obviously quite hot, almost everything about him has us falling head over heels for this young actor.Park Bo Gum

Is he really wearing eyeliner? Yes…yes, we believe he is.

Thankfully we have a little something for those that might not like the “eyeliner idol look” from above! Do not miss out on this video of him being charismatic and charming (as usual)!

Satin button-ups and glasses should not be permitted in the same pictorial; unless they are trying to kill his fans that is.

Yeo Jin Goo is by far the youngest actor on this list, but he’s not losing to his elders in any way. Ever since he acted as the child version of the protagonists in “Iljimae” and “Warrior Baek Dong Soo,” he was a favorite. Eventually he progressed to more prominent roles in “Hwayi: A Monster Boy” and the historical drama “Jackpot,” where he was able to show a more adult image.

Yeo Jin Goo

Recently we’ve been loving that his Yeo Jin Goo’s image fits his deep swoon-worthy voice! If you also love watching this delightful young actor, then do not miss out on his sleek and sexy transformation for W Korea.

If that sultry and sophisticated clip was too short for you, then enjoy this clip from his Marie Claire appearance!

He has such a strong but entrancing gaze, it’s impossible to look away!

Song Joong Ki is often complimented on his thoughtful and hardworking attitude on and off the set; it’s no wonder that everyone loves him! He’s played a variety of roles, from a playboy in “Penny Pinchers” to a devoted soldier in “Descendants of the Sun.” The latter role has helped his image tremendously, and he is now one of the most popular actors in Korea and China! Looks like ladies everywhere know how to recognize attractive talent!

Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki may be a flower boy with a baby face, but he knows how to get his sexy on and we are not complaining!

See a little bit more of his perfect hardworking attitude in this clip for his appearance in Elle.

Intense slow-motion camera shots of his striking stares – count us in!

A member of actor group 5urprise, Seo Kang Joon has risen in popularity after his recent role in “Cheese In The Trap.” Not only is he a talented actor, but he’s also incredibly attractive. We could not be more excited about his rise in popularity, especially as we now get to see him appear in numerous Korean magazines!Seo Kang Joon

Watch this clip of his appearance in Céci! What was that sly little smile?

If the cute and sweet image of Seo Kang Joon is not what gets your heart pounding, never fear! Just enjoy this clip of his Marie Claire photoshoot in which he gives off a tougher and more sultry vibe!

Seriously, whoever decided to give him roses for this clip knew exactly what they were doing!

Nam Joo Hyuk might be young, but he is showing off quite a bit of charisma despite his young age. He began to rise in popularity recently, and has been in the popular dramas “Who Are You: School 2015” and “Cheese In The Trap“. He was most recently cast in “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo,” and we are excitedly anticipating his role as one of the princes!

Nam Joo Hyuk

Do not miss this clip of him from Elle; especially if you have fallen for this tall and handsome actor!

His hair is practically perfect in almost every way, isn’t it?

Last but not least, we have the model-turned-actor Lee Jong Suk, who has appeared or starred in many popular dramas, including “School 2013,” “I Hear Your Voice,” “Doctor Stranger,” “Pinocchio,” and “W.” He is often complimented for his sweet and hardworking demeanor, but let us not forget that this popular actor has had lots of experience in the fashion industry. This has allowed him to completely master his sexy image as well, and we are not complaining in the least!

Lee Jong Suk

(Beware, these clips are more suggestive than any of the other videos on this list!)

You have been warned…

He even makes camo and stuffed animals look good!

Thankfully we do not have to say goodbye to the sizzling and playful Lee Jong Suk yet, as he only turns up the heat in this second energetic clip from Céci.

*dies a little inside*

He might want to keep his clothing on for the well being of his fans, but lets’ tell him that after we watch this clip of him for the fashion magazine W Korea.

*Chokes on air* Those turtlenecks though!

Watch Park Bo Gum in the first episode of “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds:

Thankfully, there appears to be almost no end to the sexiness that comes from all of these talented actors, and of course we recommend supporting them enthusiastically. Just remember, once you have fallen for these perfect specimens, there is no escape!

Which of these sexy actors manages to melt your heart? Let us know in the comments!

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