Jota And Kim Jin Kyung Forego All Shyness As They Get Competitive During Romantic Reenactment Game

It looks like virtual couple Jota and Kim Jin Kyung have no issues getting close anymore – or at least when the competitive pair is playing for victory!

On the latest episode of “We Got Married,” the couples battle it out in a romantic version of Pokémon Go with members of ASTRO, SONAMOO, and SNUPER acting as “Heartmons.” When a couple catches a Heartmon, they have to reenact the romantic pose that’s printed on their shirt in order to win a point.

MADTOWN’s Jota and Kim Jin Kyung, who are all dressed up in couple outfits, get a three-minute head start because they won a previous game. Jo Se Ho jokes, “Jota is very competitive, so he probably won’t appreciate that sort of preferential treatment.”

Kim Jin Kyung replies right away, “I like it a lot! I really like it!” as Jota claps in agreement.

we got married 1

Once the game starts, the pair quickly takes down their first Heartmon, ASTRO’s Eunwoo. They’re a bit flustered when they see that their first pose will be a kiss on the cheek, but in the name of the game, they reenact it without any hesitation.

we got married 2

Jota is then off to run after another Heartmon, who is SNUPER’s Sebin. When he catches him, they find out that the photo on his shirt is a behind-the-scenes shot of Lee Jong Suk giving Han Hyo Joo a back hug while shooting “W.” Kim Jin Kyung shows Sebin the photo they just took and laughs, “We just did something much worse than that.”

They quickly get into their pose and pull it off adorably!

we got married 3

After the other couples get to start the game, Jota and Kim Jin Kyung do poses like “couples yoga,” where they hold hands and stare into each other’s eyes while stretching.

we got married 4

The competitive pair also pulls off a pose where Jota swings Kim Jin Kyung over his shoulder! We’ll get to see more soon, as the game will continue in next week’s episode.

we got married 5

Watch the full episode of “We Got Married” below!

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