Watch: Cube’s New Boy Group PENTAGON Searches For Happiness In New Teaser

Cube Entertainment’s upcoming boy group (their first since BTOB in 2012) has released the teaser for their upcoming debut.

Instead of a musical teaser, the video (titled “Pentoon” Part 1) aims to showcase each member in a comic book/webtoon style.

First to be introduced is Hong Seok, who is nicknamed “the living library.” He reads a lot and is very intelligent, but one day finds that he cannot gain happiness just from books.

Next is E’Dawn, nicknamed “golden spoon.” He’s rich but finds that money cannot buy him happiness and says to himself, “I’m tired of living the way that adults tell me to.”

Third and last in the teaser is Yeo One, nicknamed “who cares about grades?” He gets low scores on all his tests but throws them aside, saying, “Grades can’t make you happy anyway.”

All three boys wonder, “What can I do to be happy?” before the teaser ends.

“Pentoon” Part 2 will be released around the same time tomorrow. Watch Part 1 below!

Edit: This article has corrected a previous translation error.