Fan Of BTS’s Jimin Receives Hilarious Answer From Jeong Jinwoon To Question On Twitter

2AM’s Jeong Jinwoon is once again cracking us up with his replies on Twitter!

Jeong Jinwoon is known for engaging with fans and non-fans alike on Twitter, and often shocks people by replying to their tweets about him even when they haven’t tagged his username. His famously quirky sense of humor means these exchanges are rarely not hilarious!

Naturally, many people now try to get Jeong Jinwoon to reply to them on Twitter by asking him questions directly. On October 4, a fan of BTS tweeted a photo of Jimin to Jeong Jinwoon from a recent performance. They wrote as the caption, “What do you think of our Jimin?”

Jeong Jinwoon chose to reply with just a cropped screenshot of Jin’s face in the background of the photo.

Well, that clears things up.

The fan wrote in their reply to Jeong Jinwoon, “This is why I like you!” while some followers just replied with laughter, and others joked “Sorry I couldn’t protect you, Jin” and “Oh I see, so that’s what you think!”.

Jeong Jinwoon most recently appeared on the show “Let’s Meet Up at 8” where he mentioned his recently revealed long-term relationship with Wonder Girls member Yeeun.

Meanwhile, BTS is currently gearing up for their return with their second full album “WINGS” on October 10.