WATCH: K-Pop Idols Cover Each Other’s Songs On “Music Bank” Christmas Special

The December 23 episode of KBS2’s “Music Bank” was a special “Gayo Top 10 X Music Bank” event. “Gayo Top 10” was the old name for “Music Bank.” The show featured a blast from the past as groups covered various 90’s songs. There were even some special remixes where artists covered various hit songs from 2016. Some groups even covered other groups’ songs making K-pop fans’ dreams come true.

Today’s performers included B.A.P, SF9, VIXX, 9MUSESA, The East Light, LABOUM, Lovelyz, MAMAMOO, BTS, Big Brain, SEVENTEEN, SONAMOO, Soul Latido, SNUPER, I.O.I, NC.A, UP10TION, GFRIEND, Oh My Girl, Cosmic Girls, IMFACT, TWICE, PENTAGON, and Han Dong Geun.

The winner for today’s episode was not revealed during the broadcast. The results will be updated on the show’s official website later.

Check out the special performances below!

BTS – “Blood Sweat & Tears”

B.A.P – “Skydive”

VIXX – “Fantasy”

Special Boy Group & Girl Group 2016 Remix:

Cosmic Girls covered girl group songs from the second half of 2016 which included Apink’s “Only One,” Wonder Girls’s “Why So Lonely,” SISTAR’s “I Like That,” Unnies’ “Shut Up,” LABOUM’s “Shooting Love,” Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette,” and their own song “Secret.”

SEVENTEEN covered boy group songs from the second half of 2016 which included SHINee’s “1 of 1,” B.A.P’s “Skydive,” BEAST’s “Ribbon,” EXO’s “Louder (Lotto),” 2PM’s “Promise,” GOT7’s “Hard Carry,” and their own song “Very Nice.”

MAMAMOO and The East Light held a special remix stage featuring songs that won first place on “Music Bank.” They covered Han Dong Geun’s “Making a New End for This Story,” Lim Chang Jung’s “The Love That I Committed,” Wonder Girls’ “Why So Lonely,” BEAST’s “Ribbon,” INFINITE’s “The Eye,” SHINee’s “1 of 1,” GFRIEND’s “Navillera,” Taeyeon’s “Starlight,” TWICE’s “TT,” EXO’s “Monster” and “Louder (Lotto),” GOT7’s “Hard Carry,” BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears,” and I.O.I’s “Whatta Man.”

TWICE – Oh My Girl’s “Windy Day” and “A-ing”

Oh My Girl – “Like OOH-AHH” and “Cheer Up”

LABOUM – “Winter Story”

Year-end ballad remix (performed by N.CA, Han Dong Geun, Soul Latido, and Big Brain)
-Sandeul’s “Stay As You Are”
-Ailee’s “If You”
-Urban Zakapa’s “I Don’t Love You”
-Im Chang Jung’s “The Love I Committed”
-Park Hyo Shin’s “Breath”
-Davichi’s “Beside Me”
-N.CA’s “Next Station”
-Han Dong Geun’s “Amazing You”

UP10TION – SONAMOO’s “I Like U Too Much”

LABOUM feat. Music Bank MC Seo Won – “Shooting Love”

Idol Special Stage
PENTAGON – H.O.T’s “Warrior’s Descendant” + H.O.T’s “As Much As I Loved You”
IMFACT – SECHSKIES’s “School Byeolgok”
SF9 – Shinhwa’s “The Solver”
Snuper – g.o.d’s “To Mom”

I.O.I – “Pick Me” + “Dream Girls” + “Whatta Man” + “Very Very Very”

SONAMOO – UP10TION’s “White Night”

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