May Variety Show Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

Infinite Challenge” was the most popular variety show between April 4 and May 5 of 2017, according to the Korea Business Research Institute.

The Korea Business Research Institute analyzed statistics of 39 variety shows including communication between viewers, the brand’s generalizability, and the amount of consumption. There was a change in the algorithm this time around, as they added a media value. Through this, they are able to separate the consumers’ behavior and analyze the brand rankings according to the amount of communication, media, discussion within online communities, and viewership.

The top 20 released on May 5 are:

  1. Infinite Challenge
  2. Youn’s Kitchen
  3. Radio Star
  4. King of Masked Singer
  5. Ask Us Anything
  6. I Live Alone
  7. My Ugly Duckling
  8. Running Man
  9. Wednesday Food Talk
  10. Happy Together
  11. The Return of Superman
  12. Law of the Jungle
  13. Abnormal Summit
  14. Three Great Emperors
  15. Please Take Care of My Refrigerator
  16. Immortal Song
  17. SNL Korea
  18. We Got Married
  19. I Can See Your Voice
  20. Gag Concert

“Infinite Challenge” came in first place again with 8,341,026 points, which is 42.29 percent higher than the rankings released in April.

“Youn’s Kitchen” joined the rankings for the first time, and came in second with 7,420,541 points. “Radio Star” gained 6,021,875 points, which is 120 percent higher than last month.

The Korea Business Research Institute explained, “According to the analysis performed to rank the brand value of variety shows, ‘Infinite Challenge’ placed first. The second place show, ‘Youn’s Kitchen,’ got a lower score on the community score, which measures how generalizable the brand is. ‘Infinite Challenge’ gets more points for the community score because there are lots more people spreading the content with secondary work [such as fan art].”

Did your favorite variety show make this list?

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