Which K-Drama Character Could Help You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

It’s no secret that many K-drama characters are talented.

Whether they’re supernatural beings, gifted geniuses, or just really skilled in what they do, it’s always fun to watch these characters use what they have to solve the problems that surround them. So let’s imagine, just in time for Halloween, that you suddenly find yourself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Brain-hungry zombies are everywhere, basic supplies are depleting, and you need someone to watch your back. Which K-drama character would you actually call upon to help you survive? Would it be based purely on skills and power? Or do skills not matter as long as you’ve got a nice face to console you as the world ends?

Since there are so many K-drama characters who are all talented in their own ways, we’ve provided a list of 16 characters who could potentially save your life during a zombie apocalypse. With any choice, there are pros and cons, so choose wisely and let us know your pick in the poll below!

1. Kim Soo Hyun

Name: Do Min Joon

Drama:My Love From the Star

Strengths and abilities: Super human strength, can stop time, and has telekinesis.

Potential weakness: Gets sick when he receives kisses from humans. Zombies? Not so sure….

Catch Do Min Joon’s powers in “My Love From the Star”:

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2. Lee Jong Suk

Name: Park Soo Ha

Drama: “I Hear Your Voice”

Strengths and abilities: Can read people’s minds, and is willing to be your lovable long-term bodyguard. He also successfully protected someone from a revenge-hungry killer.

Potential weakness: The question is, can he read the minds of zombies?

Catch Park Soo Ha’s powers in “I Hear Your Voice”:

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3. Nam Joo Hyuk

Name: Ha Baek

Drama: “Bride of the Water God

Strengths and abilities: Can turn into a flying dragon, control water, and is also the emperor of the realm of the gods.

Potential weakness: Might end up prioritizing your service rather than simply saving your life. After all, a god needs a servant!

Catch Ha Baek’s powers in “Bride of the Water God”:

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4. Song Joong Ki

Name: Yoo Shi Jin

Drama: “Descendants of the Sun

Strengths and abilities: Is a captain of special forces, has experiences of fighting in a war, and is a sweet guy, to boot.

Potential weakness: Really, just the fact that he’s human.

Catch Yoo Shi Jin’s skills in “Descendants of the Sun”:

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5. Ji Chang Wook

Name: Seo Jung Ho

Drama: “Healer

Strengths and abilities: Always shows up at the right moment when you need him, agile, and has great fighting skills.

Potential weakness: But what does a night-courier really do if the only things around him are zombies?

Catch Seo Jung Ho’s skills in “Healer”:

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6. Lee Joon Gi

Name: Kim Sung Yeol

Drama: “Scholar Who Walks the Night

Strengths and abilities: He’s a vampire, so he’s immortal. Plus, he fights against evil!

Potential weakness: Might be too tempted to try and drink your blood.

Catch Kim Sung Yeol’s powers in “Scholar Who Walks the Night”:

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7. Gong Yoo

Name: Kim Shin

Drama: “Goblin

Strengths and abilities: Immortal (until he finds his bride), skilled swordsman, and a bajillion years worth of life experience.

Potential weakness: Might be too busy fooling around with his buddy, the Grim Reaper (who also can never die).

Catch Kim Shin’s powers in “Goblin”:

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Now that you’ve read all the options for male characters, let us know your pick in the poll below!

See the next page for the boss female characters.

1. Suzy

Name: Nam Hong Joo

Drama: “While You Were Sleeping

Strengths and abilities: Has the ability to dream about future terrible events.

Potential weakness: Can’t always guarantee their prevention.

Catch Nam Hong Joo’s powers in “While You Were Sleeping”:

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2. Jun Ji Hyun

Name: Shim Cheong

Drama: “The Legend of the Blue Sea

Strengths and abilities: Is a mermaid, can send a man flying into the air with one kick, can breathe underwater, and erase memories with one kiss.

Potential weakness: Might become more interested in living among the zombies and learning their ways.

Catch Shim Cheong’s powers in “The Legend of the Blue Sea”:

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3. Park Bo Young

Name: Do Bong Soon

Drama: “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strengths and abilities: Herculean strength, fiercely loyal, and always puts other people’s safety first.

Potential weakness: Might accidentally hurt you too in the process…

Catch Do Bong Soon’s powers in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”:

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4. Han Ye Ri

Name: Cheok Sa Kwang

Drama: “Six Flying Dragons

Strengths and abilities: An incredibly skilled swordswoman.

Potential weakness: Just make sure she’s on your side!

Catch Cheok Sa Kwang’s skills in “Six Flying Dragons”:

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5. Shin Min Ah

Name: Mi Ho

Drama: “My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho

Strengths and abilities: A legendary nine-tailed fox who can give you a power-giving “fox bead” that could save your life.

Potential weakness: Might ask you to make some sacrifices in return.

Catch Mi Ho’s powers in “My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho”:

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6. Han Groo

Name: Yeo Jin

Drama: “Killer Girl K

Strengths and abilities: Not afraid to live on the edge, and is professionally trained to be a skilled assassin.

Potential weakness: You might have to try and convince her to help you out first…

Catch Yeo Jin’s skills in “Killer Girl K”:

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7. Lee Si Young

Name: Jo Soo Ji

Drama: “The Guardians

Strengths and abilities: A sacrificial single mother who also happens to be a boss detective; yeah, she’ll definitely be able to save you.

Potential weakness: Might be thinking too much about her child to think of you.

Catch Jo Soo Ji’s skills in “The Guardians”:

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Now that you’ve read all the options for female characters, let us know your pick in the poll below!

Which K-drama characters do you think would be the most helpful during a zombie apocalypse? Let us know in the comments!

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