November Drama Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

On November 5, the Korean Business Research Institute announced the newest ranking for brand reputation among drama actors.

The ranking is based on the analysis of participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes for 427,449,924 pieces of big data on 100 drama actors from October 3 to November 4. This is a 30.22 percent increase from the 328,253,005 pieces of big data analyzed for the October ranking.

Jang Nara topped the list with a participation score of 862,234, media coverage score of 1,323,000, interaction score of 3,660,540, and community score of 8,507,739 for a total brand reputation score of 14,353,513. She is currently starring in KBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Go Back Couple.”

Lee Jong Suk, the male lead of popular drama “While You Were Sleeping,” took second place with a total score of 13,292,451. Song Seung Heon of “Black” followed in third place with a total score of 12,634,962.

Check out the top 20 below:

  1. Jang Nara
  2. Lee Jong Suk
  3. Song Seung Heon
  4. Ha Ji Won
  5. Seo Hyun Jin
  6. Jung Yoo Mi
  7. Yang Se Jong
  8. Yoo Ji Tae
  9. Go Ara
  10. Han Ye Seul
  11. Lee Yeon Hee
  12. Shin Hye Sun
  13. Park Shi Hoo
  14. Ryu Hwa Young
  15. Jung Ryeo Won
  16. Woo Do Hwan
  17. Suzy
  18. Son Ho Joon
  19. Kim Jae Wook
  20. Kang So Ra

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