tVN’s ranking show “The List 2018” unveiled their rankings for the best Korean celebrity drinkers.

First place went to Kang Dong Won whose drinking capacity is unknown but his love for alcohol is 100 percent. In a past interview, Ha Jung Woo had said, “The strongest rival of Jo Jin Woong, whose known to be an avid drinker, is Kang Dong Won.” In 2016, when Kang Dong Won got cut with a glass on his face while filming his movie “Master,” he had been worried that he wouldn’t be able to drink alcohol.

Kang Dong Won came to love drinking with other people because of his timid personality. Due to his timidness, he couldn’t get friendly with his co-stars, so he would always drink quietly by himself at home. However, while filming “Woochi” in 2009, actors Yoo Hae Jin and Kim Yun Seok invited him over for a drink. After that, he started to like drinking with other actors and the production crew.

Second place went to actor Jo Jin Woong who liked to drink alcohol so much that he said, “Even though I don’t eat food, I drink alcohol. ” He revealed that he once ate soy sauce and toothpaste while drinking alcohol.

The spot for the third best drinker was taken by famous comedian and show host Shin Dong Yup. No matter how late his shows end, he always makes time to attend drinking events. He drinks a variety of alcohol from beer to wine and even possesses 100 bottles of liquor from all over the world.

Shin Dong Yup, who transforms into a sweet man and makes the atmosphere brighter while drinking, was chosen as one of the stars that many of his celebrity colleagues wanted to drink with. However, it was revealed that when drunk, he would take off his clothes and fall asleep anywhere.

Fourth in place was actor Lee Sun Gyun who is able to drink an infinite amount of soju and is known to carry oriental raisin concentrate with him whenever he goes drinking.

Fifth in place was actress Kim Hee Sun. Her drinking capacity is three bottles of liquor and an infinite amount of soju. In Olive TV’s variety show “Island Trio,” half of her suitcase was filled with alcohol. Once she drinks, she becomes full of energy and excitement, and her drinking habit is going to the karaoke bar.

Check out the complete list below:

1. Kang Dong Won
2. Jo Jin Woong
3. Shin Dong Yup
4. Lee Sun Gyun
5. Kim Hee Sun
6. Lim Chang Jung
7. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun
8. Park Na Rae
9. Lee Kwang Soo

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