BTOB’s Eunkwang Sends Sincere Letter To Fans From The Military With Mentions of Yoon Doojoon

BTOB’s official Twitter page shared a letter that Eunkwang wrote in the military with fans.

Eunkwang’s letter reads as follows:

“To Melody,

“Hello! Melody! I’m recruit No. 65 Seo Eunkwang! You’re all doing well, right!? After reading Melody’s internet messages and hand-written letters, I think you’re all doing fine. It seems the BTOB [members] are also treating you well and doing fine, too. It’s a relief, and I can breathe easy! Of course, I’m also doing extremely, very well.

“Those from military unit No. 4, as well as “Doojoon Doojoon” Doojoon are incredibly kind, funny, and hard-working, so our dorm life atmosphere is great! Ah! Also, I became the squad commander, so I’m a leader again.. [Laugh]. Doojoon was supposed to do it, but he came in a little late so… Anyways, Doojoon is helping me a lot and giving me strength, so I’m thankful!

“Ah, the food at the unit is great, so I’m eating well! I hope Melody are also eating all three meals! Always!! I want to play [League of Legends]. I want to play Teemo. Our cute Teemo. I’m really great at playing Teemo!! I told everyone I play Teemo and they all make fun of me. Sure.. Teemo was always that kind of character. Captain Teemo! Love Teemo a lot.

“But I’m working hard in the military!! My goal is to receive top scores, become No. 1, and receive the divisional commander award certificate. [Since] I need to aim high.. I think my scores until now have been fine! I’ll definitely win an award!! So Melody can be proud!! Good!! It won’t be easy, but I’ll do my best!!

“Ah, three weeks have passed. It seems like it’s fast, yet slow, but time is passing. I’m leaving my body to the time, just as I leave my body to the rhythm. Oh, yeah! I was also surprised that there were some Melody [in the army]. I was in a good mood. There were also many people who liked BTOB, so it was great! They even did the fan chants I was missing. It was funny!

“I’m having a great time, so don’t worry about me and live everyday of your lives to the fullest!! I hope you can live through today after growing from the previous day. I love you! Melody! ‘I Love You Forever.'”

Since Eunkwang and Yoon Doojoon enlisted around the same time in August, they were assigned to be in the same military unit. Photos of the two posing together in the military have been shared several times.

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