6 Times Western Celebs Expressed Their Love For K-Pop

The Korean wave surely has a lot of merit in introducing Korea to the world. Aside from the many international fans who constantly show their love on a daily basis, worldwide stars have also expressed their interest in one of Hallyu’s most popular components, which is none other than K-pop.

Catching them in their ultimate state of fangirling/fanboying, here are six times western celebrities expressed their love for K-pop.

1. When Emma Stone revealed her obsession

During one of her interviews on Conan O’Brien’s show, Emma Stone raved about K-pop being her latest obsession. She also introduced 2NE1 as her favorite artist at the time and their song “I Am The Best” being her jam.

2. When Jaden Smith praised G-Dragon

In 2013, Will and Jaden Smith visited YG Entertainment and even snapped a picture with the YG Family members in the studio. It looks like the experience was highly significant for Jaden as he considers G-Dragon an inspiration, which prompted his desire in wanting to become a K-pop star himself.

3. When Chloe Moretz lived the ultimate K-pop experience

Chloe Moretz is no stranger to Korea. In fact, the young actress featured in multiple variety shows while she was promoting in the country, and she even became good friends with Eric Nam throughout her stay. During her appearance on “Problematic Men,” she mentioned MAMAMOO, CL, G-Dragon, and BIGBANG as some of her favorite K-pop artists. Later on, she met MAMAMOO and even received a signed album from the group. Chloe is surely living the ultimate fangirl dream!

4. When Conan O’Brien asked for a collaboration

From interviewing Emma Stone about the global phenomenon that is K-pop, to also catching the fever, Conan fully immersed himself in the musical genre! During his visit to Korea where he was shooting a special episode, he contacted Park Jin Young and asked for a collaboration. The result was truly marvelous as Conan smoothly blended in with the JYP nation!

5. When Lorde offered to write K-pop songs

During her rise with “Royals,” Lorde sat down for an interview where one of the questions addressed K-pop. The ambitious singer praised K-pop and offered to write songs for the genre while listing Lee Hi, Girls’ Generation, and 2NE1 as one of her favorite artists. A few years later, she gave a shoutout to CL asking for a collaboration.

Watch her interview here. (Starting 6:05)

6. When John Cena officially joined a fandom

John Cena has expressed his love for BTS on so many occasions, which was brought to the boys’ attention in an interview. When Jimin asked John Cena if he’s an ARMY, the fervent fan didn’t hesitate to reply in Korean, showing his immense pride in being ARMY, which led him to literally use the Korean word for army in the video below.

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Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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