Prosecution Demands 1-Year Sentence For Rapper Black Nut In Defamation Suit Filed By KittiB

Rapper Black Nut has been recommended sentencing in the defamation suit filed by KittiB.

On October 18, prosecution demanded one year in prison with two years of probation for Black Nut at a hearing at the Seoul Central District Court. This means that Black Nut will be in probation for two years, and will have to serve one year in prison if he violates the condition of the suspension during those two years. The prosecution did not provide any explanation for the sentence recommendation.

Black Nut attended today’s hearing with his lawyer and pleaded innocent. His lawyer stated that the rapper had no intent to belittle or insult, so the lyrics had no direct relations to the plaintiff. About the additional charges regarding his performances where he made lewd gestures while bringing up KittiB’s name, his lawyer stated that it was just a part of a normal hip hop performance.

Black Nut’s lawyer added, “As a well-known hip hop singer, the defendant is also having a difficult time. Even if [the plaintiff] felt uncomfortable, it remains a question if it’s something to be punished for. I can’t help but consider the defendant’s status as a popular artist.”

In his final statement, Black Nut said, “I regret that the public perceived and believed my lyrics differently than what I originally intended. Whatever my intentions were, I feel responsible for causing a social controversy. I will become a careful musician for my future creative activities.”

The court and prosecution announced that they will examine the claims and evidence from both sides for the final time and that the defendant will be sentenced on November 29.

In June 2017, KittiB sued Black Nut for defamation for making sexual remarks about her in his song “Too Real.”

She filed a complaint with the police department to the Female and Juvenile Crime Investigation Department saying that his lyrics were a violation of the Act on Special Cases Concerning Sexual Violence and contempt.

KittiB also added charges that Black Nut brought up her name and made sexually offensive gestures during four performances from February to September 2016. Her second complaint added contempt and it was merged with the existing lawsuit.

The case was then forwarded to prosecution. In January 2018, Black Nut was formally indicted for defamation against KittiB by the Seoul Central Prosecutor’s Office.

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