Celebrities Increasingly Take Legal Action Amidst Malicious Comments And Spreading Of Rumors

With the rise of malicious comments and the spread of vicious rumors, celebrities are now refusing to hold back.

In the past, stars took minimal steps against those who spread malicious rumors. Their passivity was attributed to their desire to leave the situation alone and not make things worse, to the point where there were quite a few cases where victims withdrew their lawsuits. They dealt with the situation by biting the bullet, concerned about how others might think, “Even if they did post malicious comments, isn’t suing non-celebrities too much?”

However, the severe nature of recent rumors has become quite extreme, shocking not only the celebrities involved but the public as well. Celebrities have begun to take active measures, with the public applauding their decisions.

The first, most recent victim to respond to such rumors was Jung Yu Mi. On October 18, the actress’s agency revealed their firm stance and decision in suing those who spread the rumors about her alleged affair. At the time, the agency’s response was unprecedented in speed. The rumors had spread the previous day on October 17, with the agency beginning the process of filing a lawsuit within the span of a day. On October 24, Jung Yu Mi gave her statement as a victim. This in and of itself is a rare occurrence, as celebrities tend to not venture directly into investigations. Her actions signified her position in punishing those responsible.

Many other celebrities have decided to take strong legal action against malicious comments and rumors as well. On October 23, FNC Entertainment issued a statement and update on their strong legal action on behalf of AOA’s Seolhyun. The same day, Fantagio Entertainment revealed that it would be taking measures against those who spread rumors about Wanna One’s Ong Seong Woo. On October 22, Lee Jong Suk’s agency A-Man Project stated that it would be taking a firm stance against groundless rumors regarding the actor.

Despite the change in the way they deal with malicious comments and rumors, the road to getting justice is a long one for these celebrities. This is because their response will only be thought as “meaningful” if those responsible receive punishment.

In this way, FNC Entertainment’s statement on Seolhyun’s case stands out. Last April, a man sent sexual messages and videos to her personal Instagram. He was sentenced to six months in prison with two years of probation. This is quite different compared to Suzy‘s previous case, as the former miss A member dropped her lawsuit after having been sexually harassed in a similar way.

Whether celebrities’ firm responses and decisions to take legal action will have an actual effect on malicious comments and rumors, only time will tell.

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