Highlight Members Share Supportive Posts About Yang Yoseob's Enlistment

In regards to Yang Yoseob’s enlistment, the members of Highlight have made some posts on Instagram cheering him on and wishing him well.

Son Dongwoon wrote, “At first sight he looks like a high school student, but in reality he is very mature. Of course, it won’t be long until I see him again, but I feel lonely knowing that I won’t be able to chat with him about both trivial and important things for a while. Just like our song ‘Wind,’ I hope you are healthy while you’re there, and I will wait for the day that the warm wind will carry your voice to us again.”


Lee Gikwang put up a selfie of the Highlight members and said, “My friend Yoseob, vocal king Yoseob, I know you’ll do well wherever you are so I’m not worried at all. Be healthy and let’s see each other soon. I love you, Yang Yoseob.” He also uploaded an image of Yang Yoseob’s new single “With You” and wrote, “Yang Yoseob is so cool.”



Yong Junhyung also shared an image of him streaming Yang Yoseob’s “With You” and tagged him on the post with the words, “See you soon.”


Yoon Doojoon was the first Highlight member to enlist in the army and is currently serving in the 12th infantry division’s military police department at Inje county in Gangwon province. Yang Yoseob enlisted on January 24 as a conscripted policeman, and Lee Gikwang will follow suit during the first half of the year. Yong Junhyung and Son Dongwoon’s plans have not been officially revealed, but they are also preparing to enlist soon.

Highlight’s tight friendship is so heartwarming!

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