“Big Issue” Gains Attention For Addressing Scandals In Entertainment Industry + Hints At Hidden Messages In Upcoming Episodes

With the recent controversies involving various celebrities, influential political figures, and more, SBS’s newest Wednesday drama “Big Issue” has gained the public’s attention for focusing on scandals in the entertainment industry.

The drama tells the story about Han Seok Joo (Joo Jin Mo), a once elite photographer who became homeless due to the mistake of one photo. After meeting the heartless editor-in-chief Ji Soo Hyun (Han Ye Seul) who chases after the scandals of celebrities, Han Seok Joo returns to the world of media as a paparazzi.

As “Big Issue” talks about various scandals in the entertainment industry, the public’s interest in the drama has gotten bigger especially with the ongoing controversies about various celebrities and the allegations made against them, which include the sharing of hidden camera videos, using their connections to the police to cover up their criminal activities, mediating prostitution services for their personal gains, and more.

During the first two weeks of broadcast, the drama featured various fictional scandals from the industry. For example, the first episode showcased a scandal of a popular idol member participating in illegal gambling. Ji Soo Hyun orders Han Seok Joo to take photos and manages to get the evidence, but they are stopped by the CEO of the idol’s agency Mr. Kang (Danny Ahn) and Mr. Kong (Kim Dong Gyun), who threaten Han Seok Joo and ask to buy the photos from him.

According to the production team, they worked on thorough research for two years in order to dramatize such incidents. The team also interviewed reporters with experience in writing and reporting on similar events. Following the research, the production team sat down for discussion, where they watered down the parts that could be too sensitive in the eyes of the public and filled them in with their imagination.

The production team said, “We encountered a number of scandals until now to produce the drama, but as the media is currently revealing, reality is even crazier. The drama will continue to feature bigger and bigger scandals, and it will be fun for viewers to look out for hidden messages behind the scandals in the upcoming episodes.”

“Big Issue” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST and also available on Viki with English titles!

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