Update: Police Say It’s Possible To Check The Missing Data From Jung Joon Young’s Wiped-Out Phone

Updated March 25 KST:

The police have mentioned a possibility of checking what has been deleted from one of the three phones that Jung Joon Young turned in as evidence but was reset to its factory default settings.

On March 25, Min Gap Ryong, the Commissioner General of the Korean National Police Agency, revealed, “While there was some action done [to the phone] by the individual himself (Jung Joon Young), we have obtained other documents [in relation to the case], so we believe it will be possible for us to check what [the phone] originally consisted of by comparing it to the other documents.”

The police will be comparing the two other phones that were turned in by Jung Joon Young and the information that came out as a result of searching the digital forensics company, from which Jung Joon Young claims he recovered his broken phone in 2016 as well as the KakaoTalk messages that were transferred to the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office by the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission. As a result, the police expect to find out what has been deleted from the phone although Jung Joon Young reset it to its factory default settings.

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Original Article:

TV Chosun reports that Jung Joon Young attempted to destroy evidence.

Following the March 11 report that Jung Joon Young illegally filmed and shared sexual videos of women without their consent in a group chatroom, Jung Joon Young was brought in for questioning by the police on March 14 and handed in his phones, including his so-called “golden phone.”

He stated to the press as he left his first round of questioning, “I feel extremely apologetic. I answered diligently and truthfully. I also submitted the ‘golden phone‘ as is and told them everything truthfully. I am very sorry for causing trouble.”

The police have now said that during the analysis of the three phones that Jung Joon Young submitted, they found that he had attempted to destroy evidence.

The “golden phone” was submitted as it was, and so was a phone that he has been using up until recently.

The other phone had been reset to its factory default settings, and all the data has been deleted. The police have therefore been unable to restore the data on one of Jung Joon Young’s phones.

When the court announced Jung Joon Young’s arrest on the evening of March 21, it was stated that one of the reasons for his arrest were concerns about destruction of evidence considering the condition and contents of key physical evidence.

Jung Joon Young has also been accused of using ties to the police to get rid of the key evidence to his 2016 case against his ex-girlfriend.

The police are looking into the time and reason for Jung Joon Young’s phone reset.

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