Source From Investigative Team In Charge Of Jang Ja Yeon’s Case States Issues With Yoon Ji Oh’s Testimony

On May 2, SBS’s “8 O’Clock News” reported the words of a source from the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office’s Investigative Team of Past Affairs. This is the team that requested the Ministry of Justice’s Committee of Past Affairs extend their investigation into Jang Ja Yeon’s case.

Yoon Ji Oh has stated that there was a list of 40-50 names on the document that Jang Ja Yeon prepared before her death. The list, according to Yoon Ji Oh, contained three journalists and one member of the National Assembly. She testified as such to the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office’s Investigative Team of Past Affairs.

However, a source from the Investigative Team of Past Affairs met with an SBS reporter and cast doubt on Yoon Ji Oh’s testimony. The source reported that there had been suspicions about whether Yoon Ji Oh’s testimony was true even before writer Kim Soo Min sued her for defamation.

The source from the Investigative Team of Past Affairs said that the people who were assumed to have seen Jang Ja Yeon’s document were her manager, Yoo, who had helped her write it, Jang Ja Yeon’s family, and Yoon Ji Oh. According to the source, two of those people had seen the document more clearly than Yoon Ji Oh, but Yoon Ji Oh’s testimony was very different from the testimony of those two people.

In particular, the source pointed out that Yoon Ji Oh had not testified about the list in previous investigations and had only testified recently that she had seen a list with dozens of names on it. The other two people testified that they had not seen such a list, according to the source.

The source also reports that it was only Yoon Ji Oh who testified that she had seen the name of a politician with a unique name on the list. According to the source, Yoon Ji Oh also revealed the name, but the investigative team was unable to confirm their identity. During questioning, they showed her a photo of the politician she had named, but Yoon Ji Oh had said she did not think it was that person. At her request, the investigators also showed her an old photo of the person, but again Yoon Ji Oh said she did not think it was that person.

The source complained that despite this situation, another member of the investigative team had spoken to the press as if the team fully believed Yoon Ji Oh’s testimony and contended that this was tantamount to misleading public opinion.

The Investigative Team of Past Affairs intends to submit their final report to the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office on May 8 about whether they should further investigate Yoon Ji Oh’s claim that Jang Ja Yeon was sexually assaulted through the use of drugs.

Yoon Ji Oh is currently in Canada.

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