Yoon Ji Oh Mentions Specific Detail About Jang Ja Yeon’s Document For The First Time In 10 Years

Yoon Ji Oh shared more details regarding the late actress Jang Ja Yeon’s document.

On March 28 broadcast of KBS1’s “Tonight Kim Jae Dong,” Yoon Ji Oh discussed more about the late actress Jang Ja Yeon and the document she prepared before her death, and mentioned that there are two lines from the document that could be the key point of the case.

The actress had also brought up the same point while she was being questioned by the Investigative Team of Past Affairs at the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office as a witness on March 27. This was Yoon Ji Oh’s first time to mention specific parts of the document in 10 years.

During her first appearance in the show on March 19, Yoon Ji Oh stated that despite these two lines from Jang Ja Yeon’s document being an important factor in the case, the police did not conduct any form of investigation regarding them.

Yoon Ji Oh said, “These two lines [from the document] were 100 percent written by the late actress herself. It went through a handwriting analysis and was even submitted as a document to the police and prosecution. However, they have never been revealed to the media.” She continued, “The word ‘threat’ is clearly stated in these two lines.”

Yoon Ji Oh also discussed the possibility of Jang Ja Yeon being drugged at the time. The actress said, “The late actress’s action [at the time] was not something that resulted from simply being drunk. Instead, it was a situation where she was forced to commit such acts against her own will because she had consumed a drink that had been spiked with drugs.”

When Kim Jae Dong asked if the two lines from the document include the fact that Jang Ja Yeon unknowingly consumed something other than alcohol, Yoon Ji Oh answered, “Yes. It is implied.”

Yoon Ji Oh is Jang Ja Yeon’s former colleague who witnessed the late actress being sexually assaulted and saw her preparing documents before her death. Jang Ja Yeon died by suicide back in March 2009, leaving behind a final letter revealing that she had been forced to sexually entertain powerful figures in the business and media sectors.

Yoon Ji Oh has been fighting for her former colleague for 10 years by giving testimonies to police prosecutors. She’s recently started to conduct interviews with the press, talking publicly via social media, and urging other witnesses to come forward.

The actress also clarified that the “final letter” left by Jang Ja Yeon was not a suicide note, but a document. Yoon Ji Oh also recently announced that she took preventive measures against potential wrongful death and gave a speech in English about her work.

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