GOT7 Speaks Honestly About Receiving More Attention Abroad, Addressing Anxiety In Upcoming Album, And More

GOT7 has shared their honest opinions on receiving more praise abroad than they do in Korea.

On May 20, the members of GOT7 sat down for an interview to talk about their upcoming album “Spinning Top” and its title track “Eclipse.”

JB said, “After focusing on individual activities, [the members] gathered together for the first time in a few months to make a comeback. As this is our first comeback in a while, we put in a lot of effort into the preparations. We will try to have fun and be happy during the upcoming promotions.”

The members were also asked how they manage to continue to show humility despite debuting under one of the biggest agencies in the industry, JYP Entertainment.

BamBam answered, “In past interviews, we were often asked our thoughts on receiving less attention in Korea than we do internationally. I think that was a bit of a traumatic experience for us. However, I can tell that [our popularity] is increasing in Korea, and I can even feel it sometimes. I’m hoping that the trauma will disappear after the upcoming comeback.” The member added, “We do sometimes feel uncertain whether or not we will be able to maintain our popularity and worry if it will ever disappear.”

According to GOT7, the upcoming album addresses uncertainty and insecurity about life.

JB said, “Until now, I only wrote love songs and songs to dedicate to our fans. But this time, I tried to talk about being thankful [to fans] while also worrying about not being able to keep the promises I’ve made.”

Yugyeom added, “We feel happy when we are performing on stage and wonder, ‘Are we deserving of this much love?’ However, when we return to our hotel rooms, we feel empty and anxious. That’s why I think we were able to relate to [the tracks] in the upcoming album.”

The members also commented on the group’s upcoming world tour.

Jinyoung commented, “I believe we will be performing at arenas in all of the cities for our upcoming world tour. I’m very grateful and wanted to brag about it.” Jackson stated, “I’m also excited. I hope many people in Korea will also show a lot of interest. They don’t have to like our music, but I hope they listen to [our tracks] at least once.”

GOT7 will be dropping their upcoming album “SPINNING TOP : BETWEEN SECURITY & INSECURITY” and its title track “ECLIPSE” on May 20 at 6 p.m. KST.

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