Update: Nam Tae Hyun To Step Down From Musical “Mefisto”

Updated June 10 KST:

Singer Nam Tae Hyun will be stepping down from the musical “Mefisto.”

On June 10, Makers Production, the production company of the musical, released an official statement regarding the actor’s participation.

Read their statement below:

Hello. This is musical production company Makers Production.

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for their interest and love for the musical ‘Mefisto.’

Recently, due to unexpected circumstances, actor Nam Tae Hyun, who had taken the role of Mefisto in the musical ‘Mefisto,’ has inevitably stepped down [from the musical] after consulting with the production team as well as his agency.

We would once again like to thank those who have expressed their interest and affection for the musical ‘Mefisto.’

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Updated June 8 KST:

Musical “Mefisto” has announced that Nam Tae Hyun will be performing as originally planned today (June 8).

A source from the musical stated, “We are still in talks on whether Nam Tae Hyun will step down from the musical. However, he will be performing today as originally scheduled.” Therefore, Nam Tae Hyun will perform during the 7 p.m. KST showing of “Mefisto” on June 8.

Whether he will continue to appear in the musical or not remains to be seen.

Nam Tae Hyun posted a handwritten apology to Jang Jae In, the other woman involved in the cheating controversy, and his fans earlier today, and stated that he will take responsibility for the damages his actions have caused.

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Original Article:

The musical “Mefisto” has responded to reports about plans for Nam Tae Hyun’s performances after his controversy.

The outlet SpoTV News reported on June 7 that Nam Tae Hyun is stepping down from the musical after he was accused by Jang Jae In of cheating on her. It was said that this withdrawal would begin with his scheduled June 8 performance.

However, a source from “Mefisto” has responded, “We are currently discussing it. Nothing has been decided.”

Previously, Nam Tae Hyun responded to Jang Jae In’s accusations by saying he will sort things out and give an explanation soon. The production team of “Studio Vibes,” the variety show that the two artists met on, has also issued a statement regarding their plans for future episodes.

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