Jun Hyosung And TS Entertainment Reach Settlement + TS To File Additional Lawsuits

Jun Hyosung and TS Entertainment have settled on an agreement.

Previously in 2017, Jun Hyosung filed a civil lawsuit against TS Entertainment, but the agency denied all claims of issues regarding payment. In October 2018, Jun Hyosung signed with Tommy & Partners Entertainment, and in November of the same year, the court ruled in favor of Jun Hyosung. However, TS Entertainment filed a counterclaim against Jun Hyosung on May 7.

On July 22, the Seoul High Court decided on a settlement between Jun Hyosung and TS Entertainment by removing the validity of the exclusive contract.

Below is a full statement from Jun Hyosung’s lawyer:

Hello, I’m singer Jun Hyosung’s legal representative, lawyer Park Jung Ho from Ye Hyun law firm.

Regarding the incident that began in September 2017 involving the validity of the exclusive contract between Jun Hyosung and her past agency, the Seoul High Court decided on the settlement, “The validity of the exclusive contract between Jun Hyosung and her past agency no longer exists,” on July 22, 2019, and since both sides did not raise objections, the decision was confirmed yesterday.

Thus, the dispute that has continued arduously for nearly two years regarding Jung Hyosung’s exclusive contract has all come to an end.

Jun Hyosung expresses her deep gratitude for the love and support from all the fans who became her pillars of support so that she could endure through the difficult situation. She has resolved to return everyone’s support in the future with newer and more energetic promotions.

On behalf of Jun Hyosung, we would like to express our unlimited gratitude once again for the fans and people from broadcast and entertainment industry for looking after and supporting [Jun Hyosung.] Please continue to show interest and encouragement in the future without change.

Thank you.

However, TS Entertainment has released a statement partially contradicting the statement from Jun Hyosung’s lawyer.

Below is the full statement from TS Entertainment:

We would like to deliver our official statement regarding the invalidity of Jun Hyosung’s exclusive contract.

Due to the court’s recommendation of reconciliation regarding the lawsuit for the confirmation of the invalidity of Jun Hyosung’s exclusive contract, both sides mutually decided to agree that the exclusive contract is not valid and to carry out a suit related to her contract termination and related causes separately.

We have terminated our contract with Jun Hyosung and only the part about not providing payment materials were cited among the claims Jun Hyosung made in the first trial. The other claims she made including non-payment, transferring rights to a third party, failure to explain contracts beforehand, and not faithfully fulfilling management duties were rejected and revealed to not be the truth.

Therefore, we are planning to carry out a separate lawsuit for [Jun Hyosung] to be held responsible regarding the causes leading up to contract termination.

Also, we plan on taking strong action so that Jun Hyosung’s side will be held responsible for their false statements.

We thank everyone who loves and looks over our artists, and we promise to actively make efforts for our company artists.

Recently, Jun Hyosung performed at a festival in Busan, and she is currently busy promoting through YouTube and JTBC2’s “Today’s Fortune” (also called “Good Luck”).

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