Lee Jung Hyun Talks About How She Met Her Husband And Decision To Marry Him

In a recent interview with MyDaily, Lee Jung Hyun talked about her upcoming film “Love, Again, 2018” and how she met her husband!

“Love, Again, 2018” is a romantic comedy about married couple Sun Young (Lee Jung Hyun) and Hyun Woo (Kwon Sang Woo) and Hyun Woo’s old friend Sang Chul (Lee Jong Hyuk). Following the couple’s ceremony to commemorate their divorce, the barely separated pair gets tied up again once Sang Chul starts seeing Sun Young.

On April 7, Lee Jung Hyun tied the knot with an orthopedist who’s three years younger than her. Many stars attended her wedding ceremony, including Lee Byung Hun, Kim Min Jung, Park Kyung LimBaek Ji YoungSung YuriHwang Jung MinKo So YoungYoo Ji TaeSon Ye JinUhm Ji WonOh Yoon AhGong Hyo JinSandara Park, Girls’ Generation’s SeohyuniKON‘s Junhoe and Jinhwan, and more.

During the interview, Lee Jung Hyun talked about how she met her husband while filming “Love, Again, 2018.” She shared, “I really like babies, so I really wanted to get married, but I was getting older and there were less opportunities to meet men, so I had given up on marriage. I was of the mindset that I should just work hard on my career.”

She continued, “While working in this field, there aren’t many opportunities to date. I was also cautious about dating another celebrity. I went into filming for ‘Love, Again, 2018,’ and after meeting Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Jong Hyuk who are crazy about their kids, I got the feeling that I wanted to get married again.”

Lee Jung Hyun explained, “Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Jong Hyuk are very family-oriented. They can’t do anything against their wives, and they always send pictures of the park or place they visited with their family to the group chat. I was very jealous after seeing [the pictures]. I wished I had a family like that as well.”

On her marriage, Lee Jung Hyun said, “[We] developed romantic feelings while I was filming ‘Love, Again, 2018,’ and we held our wedding near the end of filming.”

The actress said, “I met my husband through a blind date. He’s such a nice and sincere person, I thought, ‘Ah, it would be nice to get married to this person.’ My husband was originally a big fan of me. He has all my albums from my first album.”

Finally, Lee Jung Hyun said, “I think it’s a fortune that I met my husband. I was thankful. It’s to the point where I wondered if there’s someone out there who likes me this much. I’m very thankful.” She added, “I really want children. We’re planning [to have children].”

Watch a teaser for Lee Jung Hyun’s upcoming film here!

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