B1A4's Sandeul Talks About His Career, Being A Meme, And Celebrity Friendships

B1A4’s Sandeul recently sat down for an interview to talk about his career, internet popularity, and celebrity friendships!

“2019 was a year where I just tried to take on any challenge. It was great to hold a solo concert, participate in a Berlin song camp, and take on other small challenges,” Sandeul remarked. “I want to be a singer who portrays emotions delicately and talks about the emotions that usually feel so small. I think I was able to find something like my own identity while writing songs. Now I know that ‘my current self likes songs of this variety.’ In my head, I thought, ‘Let’s knock ’em all out!” but the song I made turned out to be really small. But I like it. If you’re a singer named Sandeul, you might think of a powerful vocalist, but I think I’ve shown that a lot.”

When asked about his popularity on the internet for being the face of various memes, including one about the power of glasses, Sandeul responded, “What can I do. From the ages of five to 22, I’ve worn glasses for 17 years. I’ve seen worse faces, so I don’t mind if people try to make fun of me. I’m often told that I’m ‘S.F.S (Sandeul Forever Suffering).’ The most eye-catching memes become ‘N.F.B.S (Not a Fan, But Saving).’ The most shocking one is a GIF where I’m touching the fur on Kwanghee’s coat. I was thinking, ‘Should I touch it,’ but my hands were already out. I didn’t even know Kwanghee [personally] back then! I was shocked to see that.”

Sandeul later talked about his celebrity friend group “’92 Club” with BTS’s Jin, VIXX’s Ken, EXID’s Hani, MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul, and B1A4’s Baro. He stated, “There were a couple of us at first, but we slowly got together and eventually formed a group. Among those born in 1992, the friends that tended to stay on the side and those who didn’t really want to get together joined and became friends. At first, Ken and I took the lead. Ken introduced me to Jin at a year-end performance. We then became best friends. They’re friends I can talk to about anything. But if I call to meet them, Jin will say something like, ‘Come here, I’m in America.’ He sometimes calls me to get dinner, so when I respond, ‘Alright, where are you?’ he’ll say he’s in Japan.”

The singer also replied to a question about his friendship with DAY6’s Sungjin by saying, “Among my friends who attended a singing academy with me in high school, Sungjin and JJANGYOU are working hard. There were four of us called the ‘Four Foolish Brothers’ who always hung out and sang together. Sungjin was the first person to go to Seoul. He received the news of his acceptance into JYP when we were together. I kept looking at my cell phone back then. I thought that I’d be contacted later in the day, but I didn’t receive a call even until I got home. I remember feeling depressed and trudging along back home. Sungjin eventually went up to Seoul and became a trainee, and the rest of us continued to compete [in singing competitions]. I later went to a solo artist competition and won an award, and my current agency ended up contacting me.”

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