Singer Comes Forward With Further Allegations Of Sexual Harassment Against Kim Gun Mo

Another woman, who is described as being a singer, has accused Kim Gun Mo of sexual harassment.

In December 2019, the YouTube channel Garo Sero Institute reported that Kim Gun Mo had sexually assaulted an employee at an adult entertainment establishment in the past. Lawyer Kang Yong Suk subsequently filed a lawsuit against Kim Gun Mo on the employee’s behalf. Later, other women came forward with allegations of physical assault and sexual harassment.  The police are currently investigating the case, calling in people for questioning and reportedly conducting a search and seizure of Kim Gun Mo’s car. Kim Gun Mo has denied all the charges and is suing his accusers.

On January 19, the singer known henceforth as “A” (not be confused with the original accuser, also known as “A”) uploaded a post on social media that said she had been sexually harassed by Kim Gun Mo at a drinking party.

In the post, “A” alleged that Kim Gun Mo had said to her, “What’s a kiss between friends?” and “You’re in front of me but I can’t kiss you, it’s like I’m talking to an employee at the district office.” He also said that he would give her one of his trademark Batman T-shirts and forced her to put it on right there.

As proof, “A” uploaded photos of the T-shirts that he had given her and a screenshot of the messages she had sent to a friend during the drinking party. These messages include, “I think I’m being sexually harassed,” “He keeps touching me,” and “He keeps saying he wants a kiss.”

“A” continued in her post, “I’ve thought about throwing out these T-shirts multiple times, but I kept them just in case. When I saw the news about the police investigation, I retrieved them from the back of my closet. I’ve thought a hundred times about going around 24/7 with a recording device on me at all times to collect evidence. But how can you live like that? I don’t want much. I want to keep the people around me safe and live in a world where punishable things are punished.”

On January 20, the Commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency held a press conference and gave an update on the case. “We questioned Mr. Kim on January 15, and we are currently analyzing the evidence we have collected. We’ve questioned other witnesses and will continue to question more witnesses going forward.”

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