PENTAGON Talks About The Most Important Things In Their Lives + Preparing For Their Upcoming Comeback

PENTAGON has shown a new side of themselves through their photo shoot and interview with GQ Korea!

Their interview focused on the things that keep PENTAGON whole and full, with each member picking their own set of distinct items.

Kino picked dreams, children, Sao Paulo, flowers, “Starry Night” by Peggy Gou, and title tracks. He explained dreams, saying, “I live in dreams, rather than in reality. My current career is something I started in order achieve an ideal image that I was dreaming of. I often hear ‘It won’t be easy’ and ‘Is that possible?’ but I believe it is possible. If I become a big influence, I would hope for kids all around the world to adopt hopes and dreams while looking at me. I really respect Michael Jackson and I really want to display the same positive influence he did to change the world through his music and donations.”

He also talked about their upcoming album and title track, sharing, “The title track for the full-length album we are preparing was picked yesterday. It’s really good. Hui produced it but I watched the whole process. The song is as good as the amount of work he put into it. I think we’ll be able to enjoyably prepare for our performances. It’s a concept PENTAGON has never tried before. It’ll be good to look forward to our new image.”

Jinho chose Magazine Ho (his monthly cover song project), songs, Bruno Mars, happiness, his father, musicals, and his members. He explained that “living happily” is his life goal, sharing, “Beginning last year, there were no moments where I was not happy. It’s not that anything incredible happened, but my perspective changed. No matter what happened or what decisions I made, I began to believe my current situation was always good, making all my stress disappear.”

Jinho also talked about his fellow members, commenting, “One of PENTAGON’s advantages is that we are all very close. Although it would be great to stay together as PENTAGON into our thirties and forties, if that’s not the case then I want to promote without any regrets with my members. I hope that I will be able to look back and think of these times as when I learned a lot and had fun.”

Yeo One listed blue, car review videos, “How Are You” by Hwayobi, cake, and acting. For “How Are You,” he said, “I recently appeared on ‘The King of Mask Singer‘ and sang ‘Memory’ from the musical ‘Cats.’ I feel regretful that it wasn’t the song I wanted. If I get the chance to appear again, I would like to sing ‘How Are You’ by Hwayobi. It’s the song I feel most confident singing.”

He also talked about how he wants to grow as an actor, explaining, “I want to do well in acting while also promoting with PENTAGON. I originally wanted to play unpredictable, complex, psychopath-like characters, but I’ve recently changed my mind. I began thinking that I could fall into an image before being able to gain experience from a variety of roles. If it’s a role I can portray at my current age, I want to try it, regardless of the character.”

PENTAGON’s leader Hui chose the sound of rain, songwriting, competitiveness, dancer Hoan, “Suicide Squad,” Wooseok’s vocal cords, and soccer player Park Joo Young. As a well-known songwriter, Hui spoke about his personal songwriting process, sharing, “To write a song, you need incredible focus. While promoting as a singer, it’s not easy to simultaneously juggle writing songs. However, I have no thoughts to give up on either one. The happiness I receive from both are completely different and I believe that creating a stage with songs we personally make is an important part of PENTAGON’s identity.”

Regarding his fellow member’s voice, Hui explained, “I don’t have weak vocal cords, but depending on how I feel, the condition of my voice sometimes isn’t that good. Whenever that happens, I get jealous of Wooseok. He naturally has vocal cords worth envying. Even if he spends hours screaming in the recording studio, he’s fine.”

Their youngest member Wooseok picked PENTAGON’s logo, PENTAGON’s fourth album “DEMO_01,” Kino, cameras, the band Jamiroquai, janggu (a traditional Korean drum), and Claude Monet. He explained that “DEMO_01” is the PENTAGON album he cherishes most, saying, “This is when we began promoting with songs we wrote. It changed everything. Although I’m the youngest member, I was in charge of the rap. The responsibility to create something good was that much bigger. After moving to Seoul to become a singer, I didn’t have anyone to share my true feelings with. But writing my thoughts and feelings as lyrics was healing for me.”

Wooseok also explained why he picked fellow member Kino, sharing, “Kino and I have polar opposite personalities. While honestly expressing his opinions, he’s very considerate of others’ feelings. If I ask him to eat something, he doesn’t stop by just agreeing. He’ll kindly respond saying ‘Oh! I really like that!’ After meeting Kino, my personality has changed a lot.”

Yuto chose baseball, his hometown, black, dreadlocks, French dance team Les Twins, and his phone. Yuto hails from Nagoya, Japan, where he recently visited. He commented, “It’s the place I was born and raised. Right behind my house is a ski resort. I have really good memories of skiing there as a kid and visiting a nearby hot spring after.” Yuto added, “My childhood dream was to become a K-pop agency CEO. However, around sixth grade, Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, and Super Junior started promoting in Japan and I began thinking that I wanted to become an idol too.”

He also shared how he can’t live without his phone, explaining, “It has everything. It even has lyrics and my compositions. I recently wrote lyrics about a pencil. The more you use a pencil, the shorter it gets, but that felt analogous to life. As life goes on, time runs shorter, but you get to leave something behind. Although I’ve achieved a lot as PENTAGON, I think I lack that individually. I want to make myself more known. To introduce Yuto? He is someone who works very hard.”

Shinwon picked PENTAGON’s song “Shine,” “The Wave” by Se So Neon, his side profile, the film “Ford v Ferrari,” Mustangs, and praying. When explaining “Shine,” he shared, “I want to play more naturally on stage. At first, I thought perfectly orchestrated performances were the best. I thought that was right. However, while promoting ‘Shine,’ my thoughts changed. After performing while freely playing on stage, I thought, ‘Is this right?’ But after continuously doing it, it became fun. I especially enjoyed being able to see myself happily smile on stage.”

Fitting for the good looking idol, Shinwon talked about his admiration for his side profile. He explained, “Even when I look at it, the line from my eyebrows to my nose is quite nice. I got it from my dad. A part that is a little regretful is the outer part of my eyes. They move upward a bit, so it looks like I’m giving a fierce gaze.”

Hongseok listed 19 years old, France, sneakers, Iron Man, his nickname Ya Ong (how Koreans say “meow”), and patience. He recalled 19 as the age he would like to go back to, explaining, “I went to school in China where I had so much fun with my friends. There was pressure because of our college entrance exams, but procrastinating is most exciting when you have something big coming up. I was busy sneaking out of my dorm at night to play and eat grilled skewers. If our escape routes were blocked, we would find new routes. I don’t know what kind of guts I had back then.”

Hongseok also spoke about his lasting memory of the group’s performance in France during their world tour. He shared, “Fans usually scream or cheer but the fans in France would cheer us on while stomping. Since thousands of people were stomping at the same time, the stage would shake. During our tour we visited many different countries, but that was an experience we had not seen anywhere else.”

PENTAGON recently announced their upcoming comeback with their first-ever full-length album that they are planning to release next month!

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