Korean President Moon Jae In And Stars Celebrate Historic Wins Achieved By “Parasite” At Oscars

Updated February 10 KST:

BTS celebrated the “Parasite” team’s wins on Twitter! The tweet reads, “To Director Bong Joon Ho, I really really really truly sincerely really congratulate you.” They added in a hashtag, “Saw you tearing up, Woo Shik.”

While the tweet wasn’t signed, it may have been posted by member V, who is good friends with actor Choi Woo Shik.

Updated on February 10 KST:

EXO’s Suho shared in his Instagram Stories, “#Parasite!” with multiple exclamation marks.

MAMAMOO’s Solar wrote in the community section of her Youtube channel, “Wait, wait, what is this? The Korean film ‘Parasite’ won four awards at the 92nd Academy Awards! Wow… I got goosebumps the whole time I was watching it… Original Screenplay, International Feature Film, Directing, and Best Picture! I was so excited from the moment they received Original Screenplay… and in the end, ‘Parasite’ even snagged Best Picture. I’m so touched, and they’re amazing. As someone who loves movies, I hope that more people around the world will take interest in Korean films and that lots of more amazing movies will be released! I sincerely congratulate [‘Parasite’] on their wins!! Please get re-released in theaters.”

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany shared several videos in her Instagram Stories. She wrote “Congratulations” and “history” in small letters over one of the videos.

Original Article:

At the 92nd Academy Awards on February 9, “Parasite” took home Best Picture, Original Screenplay, Directing, and International Feature Film for a total of four awards out of the six categories the film was nominated in. “Parasite” is the first non-English language film to ever win Best Picture in the entire history of the Oscars.

Here are some of the many Korean stars who expressed their joy about the historic moment.

Park Seo Joon, who made a cameo in the film and is known to be close friends with “Parasite” actor Choi Woo Shik, posted a video of “Parasite” being announced as Best Picture. He wrote in the caption, “This is crazy..” and the actor can be heard cheering in the background.

Park Seo Joon also posted a screenshot of Choi Woo Shik and wrote, “Honestly, I saw you tearing up.”

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri shared, “So touched,” and repeated the phrase several times, emphasizing how moved she was.

Jung Il Woo posted, “Bravo!!!!!! Congratulations, director!! #DirectorBongJoonHo #Parasite #AcademyAwards.”

Gong Hyo Jin wrote, “Hooray!!” in one post and uploaded photos of herself with the “Parasite” cast and Honey Lee in another post.

Lee Dong Hwi posted a black-and-white photo of director Bong Joon Ho and screenwriter Han Jin Won.

Eric Nam shared, “Keep pushing the envelope and the culture forward. Congratulations #Parasite.”

DAY6’s Jae retweeted The Academy’s official tweet announcing “Parasite” as Best Picture and wrote, “Well deserved!!!!”

Jung Ryeo Won, who is starring in the ongoing drama “War of Prosecutors” alongside “Parasite” actor Lee Sun Gyun, expressed, “I’m so happy. I can’t believe I saw Prosecutor Lee (Lee Sun Gyun) receiving an award at the Oscars. You are so amazing. Director Bong Joon Ho and the many cast and staff members, congratulations.”

VIXX’s Ravi wrote, “Worldwide. #Parasite.”


Girl’s Day’s Minah said, “Hurray, South Korea. Hurray, ‘Parasite.’ Really so touched….”

Go Kyung Pyo wrote, “So amazing..” with clapping emojis.

Lee Hi expressed her amazement, saying, “W.O.W #Parasite,” with a retweet of The Academy’s official post about the Best Picture award.

DinDin expressed, “To be living in a generation like this….. It’s an honor…”

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung shared, “Director Bong Joon Ho, thank you for giving us such an amazing experience even outside of the film. #Parasite.”

Kevin Woo retweeted the official Best Picture announcement tweet and wrote, “Congratulations. Well deserved!!! It was my favorite movie of the year!”

Sandra Oh, who attended the Oscars and was visibly thrilled when “Parasite” was announced as Best Picture, shared, “Congratulations ‘Parasite.’ So, so proud to be Korean.”

Kim Sae Ron shared through her Instagram Stories, “I’m happy.”

Jeon Somi took to her own Instagram Stories to say, “Giving me chills, director Bong Joon Ho. Making history, “Parasite.”

Han Sun Hwa expressed, “Touched.”

Honey Lee shared, “History made. I can’t believe I lived to see the Oscars’ Best Picture and Directing [awards] for four wins [total]…. I’m so happy to be able to cheer them on together in LA. Korean films, Chungmuro, hurray!!!!!”


President Moon Jae In also congratulated the “Parasite” team on their historic achievement and promised to support the Korean film industry so that it can thrive even more.

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