Amy Says Her Statements About Wheesung’s Alleged Illegal Drug Use Last Year Were Actually True + Hopes For Apology From Him

As Wheesung currently faces new allegations of propofol use and has also recently been found unconscious twice after taking legal anesthetics, many have been reminded of what TV personality Amy said about the singer last year.

Back in 2013, Wheesung was suspected of regularly injecting propofol for non-medical purposes at a dermatology clinic from 2011 to early 2013. However, he was cleared of the suspicions, and his lawyer stated that the injections had been for health issues.

Then last April, TV personality Amy wrote a post on her Instagram in which she said that a close male celebrity friend she referred to as “A” had taken propofol and Zolpidem with her. She wrote that after he found out she was being investigated by the police, she heard that he had told someone he might blackmail her by taking sexual videos of her. She said that “A” had called daily to plead with her to take the fall to protect his career.

When it was speculated that “A” was Wheesung, his agency stated that the allegations were completely false. Wheesung then shared a recording of a phone call between himself and Amy, and he said that the recordings were made with Amy’s permission. In the conversation, Amy asked for his forgiveness and said she’d take her statement back, and she also posted on Instagram to apologize and say her comments were made due to misunderstandings. Criticism from the public therefore turned towards Amy.

However, Amy’s comments have come to light again after recent events. Last December, the police acquired testimony from a drug dealer who said that Wheesung had used a large amount of propofol. With the investigation for this ongoing, Wheesung was found unconscious in a bathroom in a Seoul building in March after having taken the anesthetic Etomidate, which has a similar effect to propofol. Two days later, he was found unconscious again in a similar state in a hotel bathroom. As the anesthetic he used is not an illegal drug, the police only questioned him as a testifier before releasing him in both cases, and their investigation is focusing on how he came to purchase the anesthetic. Meanwhile, his agency has stated he is currently receiving psychiatric treatment.

Due to these events, many have been wondering if what Amy said in 2019 was true. The news outlet Sports Chosun contacted Amy to hear her side of the story. Amy (who is a U.S. citizen) is currently living in China after being deported from Korea in 2015 over charges of propofol and Zolpidem use.

Sports Chosun writes that Amy was hesitant to speak on the matter, describing that she appeared to be hurt after being forced out by netizens who called her a liar. The reporter wrote that Amy finally spoke after they earnestly explained for a long time that they wanted to hear the truth that she knows.

Amy said, “I’m really cautious about talking about this. I spoke about it on social media in the past, but I ended up suffering a lot because of that. I really regret that I caused concern to the public because I uploaded it without thinking about it more carefully.” She went on to say, “To be honest, I didn’t feel good to see Wheesung’s recent news in reports and on television, as he is someone that I thought of as a true friend and my soulmate. He hurt me a lot, but there was a time when he was my dearest friend, so it was upsetting to see his bad news.”

When asked why she had taken back her statement about them using Zolpidem and propofol together in the recording, Amy is described as letting out a long sigh before saying, “When I was talking with Wheesung, I had no idea that our conversation was being recorded. The posts that I uploaded on social media were the complete truth, without any lies. But Wheesung called me and was sobbing. He talked about how his father had passed away and spoke about hard times he’d gone through like his friend’s passing, and he said he was having such a difficult time. Hearing that made my heart ache too. I had uploaded the post on social media because I was upset over unfairness, but when the person who had been my dearest friend cried to me over the phone, I weakened and even cried. So I said to him, ‘I’ll take it back.’ I was comforting Wheesung.”

“However, he was recording all of that conversation and he posted it on social media,” Amy continued. “In an instant, I became a liar. I didn’t have an agency and I was abroad, so I couldn’t respond.”

When asked if everything she’d said on social media was true, Amy is described as saying cautiously, “Yes.”

Sports Chosun writes that Amy was found guilty of charges of propofol use in 2012. The outlet says that based on her social media post last year, it appears that while she was aware for seven years of the suspicions that Wheesung had used psychoactive drugs, she took the punishment on her own. In addition, she remained friends with Wheesung even after she was deported from Korea.

The reporter asked why she’d continued to be on Wheesung’s side during all of this, and Amy described that she’d thought he was her true friend and that keeping quiet was an act of loyalty to him. “Of course, when I think about it now, it was foolish,” she continued, but she explained that she and Wheesung had often had conversations about their pain and sadness, which had given her strength. “Wheesung told me that he sincerely liked me, and I believed that,” she said. “He brought up my ex-boyfriend’s name and said, ‘When you were dating ‘A,’ I was upset. I was sad.’ He kept conveying his interest in me like that, and I also naturally believed Wheesung and liked him.”

Lastly, Amy said, “There’s just one thing that I want, which is a sincere apology from Wheesung. You can’t understand how much it hurts to be betrayed by a trusted friend unless you’ve experienced it yourself.”

She went on to say, “When I first uploaded the post on social media too, the thing that I wanted was just an apology from Wheesung. I’m not saying that I’m upset over unfairness about all the crimes I committed in the past. I clearly made big mistakes in the past because I made the wrong choice. I was put in a detention center for that, I paid a penalty, and I’m now paying for my crimes by spending five years alone in a country where I have no family after being kicked out of Korea. I think it’s right for me to pay the price for my crimes.”

She added, “However, I do think that there’s a difference between that and the pain I’ve experienced after being betrayed by a trusted person and being driven out as a liar in an instant. I sincerely believed and cherished Wheesung. He was always my very best friend and soulmate. I only hope that he will give me a sincere word of apology. Also, I hope that he too, like me, will admit to any mistakes he’s made if he’s made them, recover his health, and return to being the innocent person he once was.” Amy is described as then crying.

Wheesung’s agency has not yet responded to Amy’s latest comments.

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