Exclusive Interview: MCND Shares How They Became Idols + Hopes To Meet Global Fans

Get to know the members of MCND through our exclusive interview!

MCND is a rookie boy group from TOP Media (home to Teen Top, 100%, UP10TION, and more) and consists of members Castle J, BIC, Minjae, Huijun, and Win. Making their debut this year in February with the refreshing hip hop track “ICE AGE,” MCND has caught the eye of fans all over the world. The rookie group recently wrapped up promoting their lighthearted and energizing comeback track “Spring.”

MCND answered some questions we had about their promotions, MCND’s hopes for the group’s future, and more. Continue reading to find out all about the group!

What was different about promoting with “Spring” compared to promoting with “ICE AGE”?

BIC: For “ICE AGE,” I performed thinking that I’ll freeze up the whole stage. Unlike “ICE AGE,” “Spring” is a cuter and brighter song with a more prominent melody, so I controlled the amount of strength I put into my dancing.

Huijun: I think I changed my facial expressions the most. For “ICE AGE” I made cool facial expressions, while for “Spring” I made lovable faces!!

What are you looking forward to most about performing at music shows with fans in the audience?

(MCND debuted when music shows began having no-audience recordings to prevent the spread of COVID-19.)

Minjae: I’m most excited about performing in front of our fans, and I think it’ll be more exciting. I think that when there are fans cheering for us and those cheers reach us directly through shouts or applauses, I’ll be able to release even more energy in that moment.

What’s a concept or genre you’d like to try?

BIC: I’d like to try a concept like The Boyz’s “REVEAL” at least once! “TOP GANG” and “ICE AGE” had a rough vibe, while “Spring” had a cute concept. I chose [“REVEAL”] because I want to show ourselves in a different genre that gives off a mature vibe!

Minjae: We’ve promoted with three songs, “TOP GANG” (pre-debut track), “ICE AGE,” and “Spring.” Rather than having a specific concept in mind, I want to continue challenging ourselves to concepts we’ve never tried!

What motivated you to become a singer/idol?

Castle J: Ever since I was in elementary school, I dreamed of becoming an “artist.” Right before I entered high school, I joined the agency and spent five years as a trainee. I traveled to the United States about four times to receive dance lessons and went through a training process until my debut.

BIC: A long time ago, when I was seven years old, I became interested in dance, started dancing, and began to develop my dream. I became a trainee after graduating from elementary school and trained for five years—even going to the United States with the members and building our teamwork. Then, I debuted as MCND.

Minjae: In third grade, I started dancing as a hobby, and in fifth grade, I started dreaming of becoming a dancer. I began to dream of becoming an idol in sixth grade.

Huijun: To be honest, I wasn’t very interested in music, but I got more and more interested in it after becoming a trainee.

Win: After joining the agency as a trainee, I was introduced to the genre of hip hop and rap. I liked how it felt to rap on stage, so that’s when I became interested in becoming [an artist].

Who has changed the most after debut?

BIC: I think no one!! The members and I have been together for a long time, so I don’t think anything has changed yet. Outside the stage, the past and the present are the same!

Huijun: I would say our maknae (youngest member) Win!! He was very cute and maknae-like before debut, but when he goes on stage now that we’ve debuted, he’s very cool, and I was proud as a member of the same team!!!!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Castle J: I’d like for the five of us to performing on a big stage and smiling with our fans!

How do you want the public to remember MCND?

Castle J: We want to be artists. We want to be remembered as artists whose performances make people think, contemplate, understand, and love.

What’s a song you’ve been listening to recently?

Castle J: “GO” by BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

BIC: “COCO BOTTLE” by Penomeco

Minjae: “Never Not” by Lauv

Huijun: “Perhaps That” by Crush and Loco

Win: “2002” by Anne Marie

What kinds of hobbies do you enjoy in your free time?

Win: I play games online or chat with my friends or family.

What would you eat if you were only allowed to eat one type of food for your whole life?

Minjae: Tteokbokki (spicy stir-fried rice cakes)! I like spicy food, so I can eat tteokbokki for all three meals of the day (laughs).

Lastly, what would you like to say to international Gem (MCND’s fan club)?

Castle J: Hello Gem, it’s Castle J! Thank you so, so much for your love and support! We will grow and develop ourselves to become artists you can love and support even more. Thank you always, and I love you!

BIC: Hello, this is MCND’s BIC!! MCND is just beginning, so please give us lots of attention and love!!!! And I really hope to perform in front of international Gem and have fun together.

Minjae: Thank you for having interest in our content and music videos. Looking at the comments, I was surprised to see that so many people are supporting us, and I also thought to myself that I should work harder. We’ll work hard to prepare our next album and show a new side of ourselves so that our fans can fall for us again. So please keep your eyes on MCND!!

Huijun: We haven’t directly met yet, but I hope you’ll think that MCND is always by your side. I love you a lot, Gem!!!!!!

Win: It still doesn’t feel real that there are people who love us from distant countries. Please remember us as artists who are always cool and always growing! I hope we’ll get to see you soon (wink emoji).

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