10 Times SEVENTEEN Spoiled Their Fandom

SEVENTEEN’s comeback is finally upon us! During the lead up to the release of their seventh mini album “Heng:garæ,” Carats (fandom name) have been blessed with daily teasers of all sorts (and even a surprise pre-release of “My My“). But this isn’t anything new for Carats. The 13 members of SEVENTEEN consistently spoil their fans with constant content, ranging from variety to behind the scenes to music-related. On many occasions, Carats have found themselves enjoying fresh content daily, and hardly a day goes by where it’s all quiet on the SEVENTEEN front. With this much content and interaction, it’s no wonder Carats feel like they belong to one of the most spoiled fandoms ever.

Here are just a few of the times that the boys spoiled their fandom:


Carats don’t understand the meaning of Monday blues, because every Monday, we look forward to new “Going SEVENTEEN” content. The production quality has increased exponentially these past two years, providing us with constant laughter through the members’ antics as well as the multitude of memes and inside jokes from the editors. No one does episodic content quite like SEVENTEEN, and trust me, this is one variety show you need to be watching. If you need a more detailed introduction, check out this article here.

Check out SEVENTEEN’s mafia game to end all mafia games:

IF series

Earlier this year, SEVENTEEN suddenly dropped a new series on Carats titled “IF” (the “F” is “7” flipped around). There’s 29 entries in total for this series (including the shorter “IF Clips”), where different subsections of members treat you to a quiz competition, an indoor athletic meet, a burger cook-off, and so on. These episodes are shorter then “Going SEVENTEEN” and are perfect for the quick binge.

Check out the first episode here:

Inside Seventeen

This series focuses on giving fans an inside look (thus the name) of what goes on behind the scenes. These episodes usually drop on Sunday (but there’s also surprise uploads here and there) and will give you a behind-the-scenes look at photo shoots, filmings, tours, and even members’ birthday celebrations and casual hangouts.

Check out this episode where a few of the members go play futsal:

All the Weverse shenanigans

When SEVENTEEN joined Weverse earlier this year, all hell broke loose. Other than the usual selfie uploads and casual posts from the boys, fans were also treated to plenty of hilarious shenanigans because, well, they’re SEVENTEEN. Right off the bat, the boys figured they could change their usernames, which elicited a huge chain reaction of members either stealing each other’s names or teasing each other for their choice of usernames. They proceeded to turn Weverse into their own chat group, which included asking other members out for a meal, then whining when their invitations were ignored. And let’s not forget each time a Carat vowed to do something ridiculous if a member would respond to their post, prompting members to swiftly respond and “cheer” the Carats on to complete the task. Can’t you just feel the love between SEVENTEEN and Carats?

1 Min 7 Sec Challenges

SEVENTEEN has yet another series called the “1 Min 7 Sec Challenge,” where the members challenge themselves to complete tasks within, you guessed it, 1 minute and 7 seconds! We’ve seen Jun play “spot the difference,” Vernon drinking a soda through a veeery long straw, Wonwoo’s try not to laugh challenge, and plenty more others. These videos are generally suddenly dropped on us, so it’s always a wonderful surprise when we get the notification!

Check out this video below where DK tries to summon his members:

Constant V Live updates

As with all other K-pop idols out there, SEVENTEEN fully utilizes V Live to communicate with their fans as well as drop content. We have the usual birthday V Lives and the sudden random V Live where the members pop in to say hello or to hold a mukbang (eating broadcast). There’s also the audio-only content, “To Your Ears” (literal translation), where DK reads a storybook or S.Coups gives advice and counsel. And let’s not forget the super chaotic “Andromeda” V Lives hosted by Hoshi and Seungkwan, but it’s been a while since they’ve had one, so can we all just send good vibes into the universe and will the boys into doing another one soon?

Check out this video with the leader line:

Seungkwan’s sudden V Live concert

Speaking of V Lives, we can’t not mention Seungkwan’s recent mini concert which totally deserves its own entry because the boy serenaded Carats with song after song before taking a trip down memory lane and grooving to some of his favorite songs from 2nd-gen idols. And because the boys often practiced to these songs during their trainee days, he proceeded to spill the tea from way back then. The boy deserves all the love just for spending three hours with his fans!

Check out the video here:

All the individual content

Of course, we’re also treated to plenty of individual members’ content, both official and casual, such as “Dino’s Danceology” where he uploads videos of his own choreography, “The8’s Contemporary Art” where he dances to his own single “Falling Down,” song covers by Woozi, guitar covers by DK, and plenty more.

Check out this mesmerizing performance by The8:

Hit The Road documentary

Just a few weeks back, SEVENTEEN spoiled Carats even further by gifting us with the “Hit The Road” documentary series, which gave a behind-the-scenes look into their “Ode To You” tour. With a total of 15 episodes (13 focusing on individual members plus a prologue and an epilogue), the documentary gave us a very intimate look into their highs and lows while touring. They bared their vulnerabilities to us and while it was painful to see them hurting, it also gave us a new appreciation for how much they treasure their fans, their work, and each other.

Check out the teaser for the documentary here:

Us, Again

At the conclusion of the “Hit the Road” documentary, Carats were given a beautiful treat when they were suddenly alerted to the release of a new single called “Us, Again.” Reiterating the themes of the documentary, it is a sentimental song that will provide you with comfort and strength during difficult times. If that doesn’t get you all weepy, the MV for the song is lyric-based and the on-screen lyrics are in the members’ own handwriting. Also, this song isn’t included in their upcoming album, so this single really is just a gift for Carats. How spoiled are we?

Check out the song below:

Are you a Carat? Which of these content do you enjoy the most? And which song from their new mini album are you looking forward to the most?

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