Exclusive Interview: Rain Shares Thoughts On Working With Chungha For Comeback, Reveals Acting Plans, And More

Rain recently returned with the mini album “PIECES of RAIN,” and he answered some of our questions about the new album, his plans for the future, and more!

Consisting of five tracks, “PIECES of RAIN ” includes his previous single “Switch to Me” with Park Jin Young as well as “MAGNETIC,” which was produced by GOT7’s Jackson and also features the artist. Another track is “Come Over,” featuring Keita, TAG, and WON of Ciipher, an upcoming boy group from Rain Company. “Aurora,” the first track on the album, has lyrics fully written by Rain himself.

The title track “WHY DON’T WE” featuring Chungha is a mixture of progressive house and R&B, and it highlights Rain’s and Chungha’s excellent skills as performers.

Read Rain’s responses to Soompi’s questions below!

How was it working with Chungha? What was the production process like?

It was amazing to work with Chungha. I’ve really liked Chungha’s music since the past, and I really like her artistic side. That’s why I wanted to work with her on this album, and that dream has come true. She’s my junior, but I think she’s great, and I’m very proud of her.

For my album production process, recently, I’ve been greatly enjoying creating what my fans want and making their wishes come true. So communicating with my fans is No. 1 in my life, and “Switch to Me” with JYP (Park Jin Young) came about from communicating with my fans. Then while promoting “Switch to Me,” I brought out the song “WHY DON’T WE” with which I put Chungha at the center and practiced continuously to figure out what kind of image I wanted to create with her. And that’s how “PIECES by RAIN” was released.

You have received lots of love from the public from the early 2000s until now. What do you think is the biggest reason for this?

Rather than saying I received lots of love consistently, I think people are showing love for me because I worked consistently and diligently. In the future, I’d like to enjoy life together with the public as I continue to communicate with everyone as an artist and as a friend.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2021?

“Switch to Me,” which was released at the beginning of the year on January 1, performed so well that I’m honestly feeling a little bit pressured, but I’d like for “WHY DON’T WE” to do well, and I’m also planning on an acting project. I’m thinking of doing a drama and am in the process of choosing one, but I’m still contemplating which project I should take. Also, I’m imagining how great it would be if the pandemic ended and I could go on a live tour around various countries.

Could you share your TMI (random fun fact) of the day?

My TMI of the day is that I am going to plan and produce a very great, fun program three to four years from now, but everyone will find out about this after time passes.

Anyway, please show lots of love and enjoy and listen to “PIECES by RAIN” a lot. Thank you.

Please share a word for your international fans.

(In English) I can’t wait to see you all on tour soon. Please stay safe, and thank you for all of your continued support.

Watch Rain and Chungha’s exquisite performance in the music video for “WHY DON’T WE” here!

Also take a look at Rain’s exclusive shoutout to Soompi readers in English below:

Check out Rain as a mentor on Mnet’s “I-LAND” with English subtitles:

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