Former Brave Girls Member Hayun Explains Why She Left The Group

Former Brave Girls member Hayun has spoken up on the reason why she had to leave the group.

On May 4, Hayun wrote a post on her Instagram account detailing the health reasons that led to her leaving the group. Hayun initially joined Brave Girls in 2016 (at the same time as the current members) and was part of the original lineup when “Rollin'” was first released. In August 2018, “Rollin’” was re-released but Hayun did not participate in promotions due to health reasons. She left the team later that month.

With the recent resurgence of Brave Girls’ “Rollin’,” many fans have expressed interest in Hayun as an original member of the song. In response, she uploaded the following post:

Hello, this is Hayun.

I just wanted to speak about my withdrawal from Brave Girls. To be honest, for awhile now, I have had a hormone disorder called hyperthyroidism. However, my hyperthyroidism became worse during my promotions so after discussing with my agency, we concluded that it’d be difficult for me to continue promoting. Although regretful, that’s how I came to leave the group.

I am still dealing with hyperthyroidism but have focused on treatment and am currently doing much better. I apologize for telling fans so late..!

While watching Brave Girls’ surging popularity, I felt a lot of admiration because I shared the experience of promoting ‘Rollin’.’ Now that it’s seeing the light, I’m really, really happy.

Although I’m unable to be with them due to my health, I will sincerely support Brave Girls’ future promotions. I will also embark on individual promotions and work hard to showcase a variety of images, so I’d be thankful if you gave me support!

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Brave Girls recently went viral with their hit “Rollin'” in March, earning them a perfect all-kill as well as their first music show wins. The group is now currently preparing for a summer comeback.

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