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It’s the eighth episode of “Kingdom: Legendary War,” and this week, we wrap up part one of round three and dive into part two, “No Limits.” The six groups have no restrictions as to what they can or cannot do, and the sky’s the limit. From the teasers we’ve seen, this means special guests, epic stages, and extravaganza all around.

Here are the two final vocal unit performances of part one, as well as two just-as-jaw-dropping performances from part two:

Warning: Results for unit performances are mid-way through the article. 

“Spark” (Team iT’S ONE’s vocal unit)

For team iT’S ONE’s vocal unit, each group sent out two members, including Inseong and Jaeyoon from SF9, Jinhwan and Junhoe from iKON, and Sangyeon and New from THE BOYZ. They chose to perform Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon‘s “Spark” and wittily arranged it so that the song gradually builds up the way a spark can turn into a blazing fire.

I again just want to point out how enjoyable these unit performances are. They give us a chance to get to know these boys a little better and have the spotlight shine on their individual strengths. Take Inseong for example. He’s given a fun, playful vibe most of the times we’ve seen him, but when he hit those high notes while recording for the song, we were able to see a whole new side of him. This was the same with Junhoe, whose raspier tone really stood out for this round and fit the song so well.

It was a great performance to listen to, and the arrangement was really well done. There was a hiccup with Inseong’s high notes during the live performance, which was unfortunate. It really tore him up, but these things happen and, well, hugs all around.

The poor boy was feeling so apologetic. 🙁

The GIFs for the vocal unit performances do no justice to them, so be sure to check out the full performances. 

Check out their full performance here:

“Love Poem” (Team Mayfly’s vocal unit)

Unlike team Mayfly’s other two units, the three groups sent only their main vocalists out for this last tussle, which was Eunkwang, Seungmin, and Jongho. And with these three powerhouse singers in the same group, there was no way this performance wasn’t going to be amazing.

That didn’t mean they weren’t nervous about it though. Exhibit 1: Seungmin shoving himself into a cupboard of “self-reflection” right before going on stage:

The trio chose IU‘s “Love Poem,” which coincidentally was both Seungmin’s and Eunkwang’s top choice. It’s the perfect song choice for them, with all three of their voices blending together beautifully. They were not only technically controlled throughout but also had emotions pouring out of their pores. When they harmonized and went wild with the vocal runs near the end, you couldn’t help but put your stank face on (you know the one where you just have to scrunch up your face because things are that good).

It was a shame that we didn’t get to also see Changsub singing his heart out along with the trio, but the silver lining is that at least he’s back in the studio, and we’ll see him performing with BTOB next week.

Ah, how I’ve missed your reaction shots, Changsub!

Check out their full performance here:

Results for unit performances

We were shown the results for the dance unit at the beginning of the show, and Mayfly won 22:11. For the vocal unit, Mayfly again won 33:0, which meant team Mayfly took a clean sweep of the unit battles and all the corresponding points.

Given how different the team styles were, the votes likely came down to personal preference. Either way, both teams did amazing and gave us stellar performances in their own rights, and Team iT’S ONE certainly deserves a huge pat on the back!

“Classy Savage” (iKON)

First up for the second part was iKON, the “turtle” group who enjoyed themselves some Korean barbecue before getting down to work. They decided to perform a girl group song, and what better choice than…Brave Girls’ “Rollin'”?

I would pay to watch this performance!

Ultimately, they decided to go with a non-title song from their labelmate’s discography, and iKON-ified BLACKPINK’s “Pretty Savage” into “Classy Savage.” It’s a song that expressed their unique style and confidence, as well as show off iKON’s impeccable wit.

Speaking of iKON’s “unique-ness,” while the other teams were cheering iKON on before they took their stage, the boys themselves were very unbothered while pretending to film a bottled water commercial instead:

There’s something in the water!

The whole set was pretty wild, both literally and figuratively (they walked out of their living room to find themselves in a jungle). BLACKPINK’s very own Lisa featured in the performance, and she did a section of the rap while capturing everyone’s attention with her charisma and stage presence. It was a very exciting performance to watch, and iKON undoubtedly started the round off with a banger.

Check out their full performance here:

Scene-stealer Bobby strikes again!

“GOD’s DDU-DU DDU-DU” (Stray Kids)

In a little bit of a coinky-dink, Stray Kids too went with a BLACKPINK song, and even decided to go with one of their title hits, “DDU-DU DDU-DU.” In a pretty ingenious move, they merged the “du-du-du” part from their own “God’s Menu” with BLACKPINK’s, and the resulting arrangement is quite addictive.

They cooked up (get it?) a comic-themed performance with comic humor and stylings shown around as well as a Felix-looking Deadpool. And like how Deadpool himself tends to do so, the two Australian members broke the fourth wall and communicated with the viewers directly, and even snuck in a good-natured diss at their boss, Park Jin Young. It was a spectacle from beginning to end, and the best thing that came out of it is that Bang Chan is now officially Ryan Reynold’s favorite Australian. Sorry, Hugh Jackman.

There was a little extra Felix this performance too.

The tank reveal is pretty nifty camera work!

Check out their full performance here:

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Which performance have you been watching on repeat the most? And which of the other four teams are you looking forward to the most for next week? Let us know in the comments below!

Belinda_C is sad that the show is coming to an end very soon. She’ll miss all these epic performances. 

All-time favorite: “Kill Me Heal Me,” “Defendant,” “Hotel Del Luna

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