Watch: THE BOYZ Has A Blast In Bouncy And Energetic “THRILL RIDE” Comeback MV

Updated August 9 KST:

THE BOYZ has made a comeback with their sixth mini album “THRILL-ING”!

The title track “THRILL RIDE” is composed by Albin Nordqvist and Gabriel Brandes, and the lyrics are penned by Jo Yoon Kyung, Sunwoo, and Eric. It’s a unique hip hop summer song that changes up the rhythm constantly and delivers a fresh energy. The lyrics compare the emotion of thrill to a thrilling amusement ride.

Watch the fun music video here:

Check out a shoutout from the members in English below!

Updated August 7 KST:

The highlight medley has been released for THE BOYZ’s mini album “THRILL-ING”!

Updated August 6 KST:

THE BOYZ has shared a music video teaser for their upcoming title track “THRILL RIDE”!

Updated August 5 KST:

THE BOYZ has shared a third set of amusing character posters for their upcoming return with “THRILL-ING”!

The group’s latest posters feature bellhops Younghoon, Jacob, and Ju Haknyeon fending off flirty guests at a hotel.

Ju Haknyeon’s poster reads, “Guest [the Korean equivalent of sir/madam in this context], I’m afraid that won’t be possible.”

Jacob’s poster reads, “You mustn’t keep calling me like this!”

Finally, Younghoon’s poster hilariously features the bellhop chattily welcoming a guest to the hotel before rambling on about how he got this job and how he’s been earning the praise of his manager for being so friendly.

Updated August 4 KST:

THE BOYZ has shared their second set of playful character posters for their upcoming return with “THRILL-ING”!

Just like the first set, the new posters feature the idols flirtily interacting with customers at their fictional summer jobs.

Juyeon’s poster reads, “Oh? You came last time too, right?”

Hyunjae’s poster reads, “They told me not to give out my number, though…”

Kevin’s poster reads, “Should we meet here again at 11?”

Eric’s poster reads, “I thought about it, and…”

Updated August 3 KST:

THE BOYZ has released an amusing set of character posters for their upcoming comeback with “THRILL-ING”!

Q’s poster reads, “I… get off at 9.”

New’s poster reads, “When am I off work? Tomorrow…”

Sunwoo’s poster reads, “Oh, I’m sorry… I just started working here, so…”

Finally, Sangyeon’s poster reads, “If you keep doing this, I’ll get in trouble with the boss!”

Updated August 2 KST:

THE BOYZ has shared a fun “Thrill Ride Announcement” video for their upcoming comeback!

Check out the new clip below:

Updated July 31 KST: 

THE BOYZ has dropped the track list for their upcoming sixth mini album, “THRILL-ING”:

Updated July 29 KST:

THE BOYZ has shared a third set of concept photos for their upcoming comeback with “THRILL-ING”!

Updated July 28 KST:

THE BOYZ has released their second set of concept photos for their upcoming return with “THRILL-ING”!

Updated July 27 KST: 

THE BOYZ has shared some picture-perfect summer concept images for their upcoming comeback with “THRILL-ING”!

Original Article: 

THE BOYZ has officially unveiled their plans for their upcoming comeback!

On July 26 at midnight KST, THE BOYZ revealed that they would be returning with their sixth mini album “THRILL-ING” next month.

The group also released a “scheduler” for their highly-anticipated comeback, outlining the teasers that fans can look forward to leading up to their return on August 9 at 6 p.m. KST.

While THE BOYZ recently released the digital singles “Drink It” (for the K-pop platform Universe) and “Kingdom Come” (for the final round of Mnet’s “Kingdom’s Legendary: War“), their upcoming mini album will mark their first official comeback in nearly a year. The group’s last return was with their fifth mini album “CHASE” and its accompanying title track “The Stealer,” in September of last year.

Are you excited for THE BOYZ’s comeback? What kind of concept would you like to see from the group? Share your thoughts with us below, and stay tuned for updates!

In the meantime, watch THE BOYZ on “Kingdom” with subtitles here:

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