Hoshi Discusses The Special Relationship SEVENTEEN Has, His Approach To Upcoming World Tour, And More

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi has teamed up with Vogue Korea for a captivating pictorial!

Following his charismatic, tiger-inspired photo shoot, Hoshi talked about SEVENTEEN’s upcoming world tour, the group’s contract renewals, his love for the stage, and more.

Last month, SEVENTEEN kicked off their “BE THE SUN” world tour with a two-night concert at Seoul’s Gocheok Sky Dome, where Hoshi showed off his ripped body. He talked about how this came to be, saying, “Starting with promotions for our fourth studio album, the COVID-19 venue regulations were lifted. That meant that audience members could cheer and sing along. Since this concert was the first time I was seeing fans in person, I got more momentum and took care [of my body].”

Hoshi continued, “It was our first concert in two years and four months since [the start of] the pandemic and once I was on stage, I was reminded of the past. [I thought,] ‘Yes, this is what I’m talking about!’ Honestly, during the pandemic, I held out while thinking, ‘I have to meet [our fans] Carats with a slightly more matured image.’ Even when my solo mixtape ‘Spider‘ came out in the middle [of the pandemic], I really wanted to showcase a new image. After all that, finally seeing our fans in person made me tear up.”

Last year, SEVENTEEN overcame the infamous “7-year idol curse” as all 13 members renewed their contracts with PLEDIS Entertainment. Hoshi shared, “I was so happy and thankful that all the members renewed their contracts. All the members are on the same page of ‘Let’s be SEVENTEEN together’ and we talked a lot about the details.”

He elaborated, “It was a bit awkward to have such a serious conversation with the friends I enjoyably sing, dance, and work with. However, instead of avoiding that moment, we faced it, had a conversation, and were able to grow. At the same time, I was reminded that it’s not a given that we are in each other’s lives. We developed the feeling of wanting to do better for each other.”

Although it’s common for idol trainees to train with numerous agencies, PLEDIS Entertainment is the first agency that all SEVENTEEN members began training at. Hoshi adorably shared, “It makes me think, ‘In my life, will I be able to have a relationship like this again?’ At the least, I have 12 friends. It’s such a precious relationship.”

With their fourth studio album “Face the Sun,” SEVENTEEN shattered their first-week sales record with over 2 million copies sold, also becoming the 2022 album with the highest first-week sales, among other achievements.

Given the group’s consistent and impressive growth, Hoshi was asked whether he had expected this level of success. He responded, “While I didn’t expect it, I dreamt of it. But I’m definitely still dreaming now too. Although I don’t know how high we’ll go in the future, I don’t want to settle down. I want Carats to feel proud that they are Carats.”

In order to achieve this, the interviewer mentioned how important it was for all 13 members to stay together for a long time. Hoshi agreed but added, “What’s most important is that this attitude can’t change. Because our fans do not give us love with the expectation of anything in return.”

He explained, “After receiving love with no cost, I ended up thinking about what I can do for fans. What I concluded is that there’s nothing I can do other than do my best in my work and continue to shine as their idol. I want to take care of my mind and body and do well on stage.”

All SEVENTEEN members have proven to be top entertainers with an elite sense of humor, so Hoshi was asked to pick who makes him laugh the most these days. Hoshi shared, “No matter what variety show we go on, being with Seungkwan makes me feel comfortable. But these days, Dino is fun. He’s incredibly honest and witty. As the team’s youngest, he arms himself and comfortably says things that the older members have a hard time saying. Thinking about it like that, he’s very kind.”

After, Hoshi was asked if he’s ever thought about the end, when SEVENTEEN has achieved all their goals. He shared, “While I think about how the time will come when our popularity will eventually fade, I’ve never thought about the end. I think it fits to say that to the point where I can’t even imagine it, the end is just not in sight. To me, the end is just so far away.”

There are some performers who lose energy on stage from exerting themselves too much, and others who rather gain energy from being on stage. For Hoshi, he explained, “I gain energy while simultaneously losing it. If my energy gets charged to 100 after hearing fans’ cheers, I pour over 100 into my performance. That’s why when our performances are done, I’m exhausted.”

Hoshi continued, “I want to give all Carats equal love. I don’t want to act neglectfully because I’m tired. While fitness is important too, I want to do my best within that. Sometimes, there are instances where you work hard but there’s just no energy in your body. When that happens I think, ‘Is this the best I can do?’ That’s why after our world tour was postponed due to the pandemic, I started officially working out and taking nutrient supplements.”

As SEVENTEEN gears up to resume their world tour in August and travel for the next four months, the interviewer asked Hoshi how long he thinks the energy he gains from performing will last for him.

Hoshi responded, “I can’t express it in numbers. That’s a memory that lasts forever. Even now, our last world tour remains very impactful to me. This upcoming world tour will definitely be difficult physically, but I plan to approach each concert with the thought, ‘When will I get to stand on this stage again?'”

Check out Hoshi’s full Vogue Korea interview and pictorial in the August issue!

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