OMEGA X's Agency Responds To Reports That They Cut Off Members' Access To Fancafe + Changed Their Personal Passwords

SPIRE Entertainment has addressed reports that they cut off the OMEGA X members’ access to their official fancafe.

On December 2, Korean news outlet Sports Kyunghyang reported that SPIRE Entertainment had prevented OMEGA X from accessing their own fancafe by changing all of the members’ individual passwords without warning.

According to Sports Kyunghyang, the accounts that the OMEGA X members use for their fancafe are also their personal accounts that they use in everyday life—meaning that ever since the agency changed their passwords, they have been unable to access their own accounts.

While a few of the members were able to regain access to their accounts after the unilateral password change, not all of them have been able to do so.

Later that day, SPIRE Entertainment responded to the report by stating, “Due to a change in the staff member in charge of fan marketing, we are in the midst of changing the passwords for the official fancafe.”

“After the transition is complete, [the OMEGA X members’] access will be restored, and we will immediately make it possible for them to resume communicating [with their fans],” said the agency.

SPIRE Entertainment, which has all of the OMEGA X members’ personal account information, claimed that the password change was a temporary measure for security purposes.

“We did not intentionally cut off communication between [the members] and their fans; it was a measure we took to prevent the leak of their personal information during the process of changing the staff member in charge of fan marketing,” they said. “At present, each member has been issued a new password, and they are now able to access the fancafe.”

OMEGA X is currently in the midst of a legal dispute with SPIRE Entertainment, whose former CEO recently came under fire for reportedly hitting the members in public. Following the controversy over her alleged physical and verbal abuse of the group, the CEO eventually stepped down from her position at the agency. However, as more allegations about the agency’s mistreatment of the idols continued to surface, OMEGA X ultimately held a press conference to announce that they had filed a lawsuit to terminate their contract with SPIRE Entertainment and would also be filing criminal charges against the agency’s chairman.

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