Watch: Performances From The 2022 MBC Music Festival

MBC has closed out the year excitingly with their annual New Year’s Eve Music Festival!

The 2022 MBC Music Festival was held on December 31 and hosted by 2PM’s Lee Junho, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, and Jang Sung Kyu for the second year in a row. Performers included Jo Sumi, Yoon Jong Shin, Jaurim, Koyote, Super Junior’s Ryeowook, Younha, Youngtak, 10CM, Song Ga In, MAMAMOO, MONSTA X, ASTRO’s Moonbin&Sanha, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, SF9’s Taeyang, Oh My Girl’s Arin, Weki Meki’s Choi Yoo Jung, Chuu, Choi Ye Na, THE BOYZ, FORESTELLA, Stray Kids, (G)I-DLE, Lee Mujin,, ATEEZ, ITZY, BIG Naughty, Jung Dong Won, BE’O, WEi’s Kim Yo Han, aespa, Billlie, IVE, Kep1er, NMIXX, TEMPEST, and CLASS:y.

Check out all the performances below, which include never-before-seen stages, special collaborations, and covers!

Lee Junho x YoonA – “Love Never Felt So Good” (orig. Michael Jackson)

IVE – “Lion Heart” (orig. Girls’ Generation)

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong and Mingi – “As I Told You” (orig. Kim Sung Jae)

THE BOYZ’s Sangyeon, Younghoon, Hyunjae, New – “Love Light” (orig. CNBLUE)

THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo, Juyeon, Q, Jacob x ATEEZ’s Yeosang, Wooyoun, Yoonho, San – “I Like You” (orig. Post Malone)

CLASS:y – “Tick Tick Boom”

TEMPEST – “Can’t Stop Shining”

Kep1er – “We Fresh”

STEMp1er (TEMPEST x Kep1er) – “Pretty U” (orig. SEVENTEEN)

Jaurim – “STAY WITH ME” + “Magic Carpet Ride”

FORESTELLA – “Lazenca, Save Us” (orig. N.EX.T)

BIG Naughty x 10CM – “Beyond Love”

BIG Naughty – “Romance Symphony”

BE’O – “Nostalgia” + “LOVE me”

NMIXX – “DICE” (Festival ver.)

(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon x Lee Mujin – “Dangerously”

Younha x NCT’s Taeil and Haechan – “Password 486”

Younha – “Event Horizon”

NCT’s Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo – “Can We Go Back”

Lee Mujin – “Astronaut”

Song Ga In – “Reminiscence”

Youngtak – “What Happened?” + “MMM”

Jung Dong Won – “Baennori”

Stray Kids DANCERACHA (Hyunjin, Lee Know, Felix) – “TASTE”

IVE – “LOVE DIVE” (Rock ver.)

Koyote x Jang Sung Kyu x CLASS:y – “Sad Dream” + “Pure Love” + “GO”

NCT DREAM – “Candy”

ASTRO’s Moonbin&Sanha, SF9’s Taeyang, WEi’s Kim Yo Han – “Love Killa” (orig. MONSTA X)

IVE’s Jang Won Young x Leeseo – “strawberry moon” (orig. IU)

10CM – “Phonecert” + “Gradation”

aespa – “Illusion” + “Girls”


ITZY – “SNEAKERS” + “Boys Like You”

Song Ga In – “All You Need Is Love” (orig. Seo Moon Tak)

Jung Dong Won – “That That” (orig. PSY)


MAMAMOO – “Starry Night” + “AYA” + “ILLELLA”

Yoon Jong Shin x Billlie – “Rebirth” + “Highway Romance”

MONSTA X – “You Problem” + “Rush Hour” + “GAMBLER” (Rock ver.)

Jo Sumi x Super Junior’s Ryeowook – “I Love Seoul” (orig. Cole Porter)

’99ers (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi, Oh My Girl’s Arin, Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung, Chuu, Choi Ye Na – “STEP” (orig. KARA)

NMIXX – “Atlantis Princess” (orig. BoA)

Stray Kids – “CIRCUS” (Korean ver.) + “CASE 143”

NCT DREAM – “Glitch Mode”

NCT + NCT 127 – “Faster Mode” + “Faster” + “2 Baddies”

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