DBSK’s Yunho Wears Heel Inserts

Strong Heart Episode Recap Part 1 (Homme Fatal Special, 2.08.2011)

(Sorry about the late post, >_< been stormed with other work. Also, just for you guys that don’t know, an “Homme Fatal” is just the male version of a Femme Fatale.)


Lee Seung Gi started off the show by blowing everybody a kiss.

Kang Hodong explained that today’s show would be filled with guests who had critical charisma! (I always thought it was weird how they play the tune from “Jesus Christ Superstar” whenever they opened up, don’t ask me why I think it’s weird >_<)

Johnny Yoon was featured as the “Legendary Talk King”. (He had been active on US TV shows such as MASH, and even starred in a Hollywood movie. He also appeared on the Johnny Carson Show!)


Kang Hodong described how twenty years ago he had appeared on the Johnny Yoon Talk Show. (Kang Hodong was 19 at the time, keke.) Kang Hodong exclaimed that it was such an honor to have Johnny Yoon as a guest. Johnny Yoon joked that he would be an Honorific Goolbi (It was a nonsense joke combining honor and the Korean fish Goolbi, but actually the Korean word for honorofic is also a region, therefore Honorific Goolbi is actually a popular fish from a certain region). The joke was described as a “Bokko” (Retro) gag. Kang Hodong again talked about how twenty years ago he appeared on the Johnny Yoon Talk Show as a JangSa (Champion of Korean Style Wrestling). Johnny Yoon replied by saying, “When they said a Jangsa was coming on my show, I thought he was some kind of salesman (Jangsa also means “to sell” in Korean). Then Leeteuk asked Johnny Yoon, “at the time, did you believe that Kang Hodong would become so famous?” and Johnny Yoon replied that he knew that Kang Hodong would probably be successful, because those who succeed in life, are those that live like how they appear and stay truthful to who they are. Johnny Yoon then went on to say that Kang Hodong doesn’t hide or fake anything and just shows his true self on TV (agree).

The show then moved on to introducing the first homme fatal. It was Gong Hyung Jin and he was introduced as an actor well connected with Hyunbin, Wonbin, and Jang Dong Gun. Kang Hodong asked him to introduce himself with a bad-boy style. At first he seemed hesitant, but suddenly he exclaimed, “What, you like it?” which was followed by a bang of laughter.

Gong Hyung Jin then commented that he and Kang Hodong were dressed alike. Then Lee Seung Gi asked Kang Hodong where he got his scarf, Lee Seungi commented that the scarf was a weird combination of knitwear and silk. Lee Seungi went on to say that Kang Hodong looked like a boy scout (Witty!).

Then Kang Hodong introduced U-Know Yunho and Changmin as the celebrities representing the true image of a Homme fatal (Go DBSK!). The other guests and audience went wild. Then Kang Hodong asked the two to say hello homme fatal style. Yunho did a brief dance and Changmin showed off his long legs while crossing them over.

Kang Hodong commented that Changmin has truly transformed from a boy to a man.

Changmin confessed that until last year he released his stress through eating, so that whenever he was practicing, his face was always swollen. Kang Hodong pointed out that right behind Changmin was an individual who was truly swollen (Moon Hee Jun). Changmin briefly shook hands with his sunbae (SM Veteran) apologetically.

Lee Seung Gi asked Changmin how tall he was and Changmin replied “exactly about 185cm”. Kang Hodong asked who was the tallest amongst the two and Yunho answered that Changmin was 2.2 cm taller than him. Yunho confessed that whenever he’s next to Changmin, he feels pressure because Changmin is so good looking. Yunho then admitted that he actually wears heel inserts in order to compete with Changmin.

Then Lee Seung Gi pointed out the joke that Leeteuk talks about (how wearing heel inserts is a “precious promise” with the audience, that must be kept), and subsequently Leeteuk took out his heel inserts.


Kang Hodong was surprised that somebody as tall and good looking as Yunho was wearing heel inserts and Yunho responded that sometimes Changmin wears them too. Then Kang Hodong asked Johnny Yoon and his thoughts on the matter, Johnny Yoon exclaimed that “these two are being way too selfish”. Then Kang Hodong asked Johnny Yoon, if he also ever wore heel inserts to appear taller, and Johnny Yoon confessed that he was wearing them right now.

Then everyone focused on Gong Hyung Jin because he revealed that Joo Jin Mo also wears heel inserts even though he’s 180cm. Especially in the movie Ssanghwajum, Joo Jin Mo had to wear heel inserts because fellow cast member Jo In-Seong is about 189cm. Gong Hyung Jin described how there was once a movie preview and Joo Jin Mo appeared to be on top of a ladder (because of his heel inserts).

Yunho then got up and thanked Gong Hyung Jin (because that was the same way that Yunho feels).

Kang Hodong asked Lee Jong Suk from Secret Garden how tall he was, and the answer was “186cm”.

Gong Hyung Jin exclaimed “It should be illegal for people like him to wear heel inserts.” (Lee Jong Suk wasn’t wearing them anyways.)

The title on Yunho’s chalkboard was “Kang Hodong makes me dance.” Yunho explained that he has an image of being a performance-oriented artist within the group DBSK, and the reason for that was because of Kang Hodong.

Then Yunho talked about the past, how he had many thoughts and concerns about dancing (six years ago) and on X-Men (Past Korean Variety show hosted by Kang Hodong and Yoo Jaesuk) Kang Hodong approached Yunho saying it’s the first time he’s seen a dancer with such intense eyes, long arms and legs. Lee Seung Gi commented, “How could a guy that only knows the jitterbug, try to advise somebody else about performance?!?!”

Yunho said that Kang Hodong was really cool because he would continue to give comments and opinions on how to dance better. Yunho confessed that as he thought of it, Kang Hodong had made him only do popping dances for about four years. Everyone commented that it was probably because popping is the style of dance that Kang Hodong likes the best.

Kang Hodong went on to say that he only picked out Yunho because of his skill, and went on to say that he would never ask Moon Hee Jun to dance. Kang Hodong “Look at Moon Hee Jun, I always tell him to make sure he’s funny”. Moon Hee Jun replied with a story, how he ran into Kang Hodong in the restroom. Moon He Jun looked like he was concerned and deep with thought, Kang Hodong told him “Moon Hee Jun!!! Focus!!!! Make sure you find out all the points and make everyone else! Focus!” Moon Hee Jun tried to say “Yes, sunbae (Here it’s the context of older brother, or talk show veteran) but I have an album coming out in june….” Apparently Kang Hodong interjected saying, “Focus only on making people laugh! Then you can go sing.”

Kang Hodong then exclaimed, “Everyone, do you know why Yunho was talking about popping? It’s so that he could show you guys in person!”

Yunho then busted out his moves and Changmin later joined to sing “Why” (Keep Your head Down!!!!~). (Have to admit when he was dancing, a chill went down my spine.)
Johnny Yoon complemented Yunho saying “I think you’re more flexible and fluid than Michael Jackson.” (Pretty bold compliment.)

As people began to question his authority, Johnny Yoon split his legs in front of everyone.

Lee Seung Gi asked Changmin what Yunho is like on a day to day basis, Changmin talked about looking at his “Montage” (in this context it pretty much means appearance), he appears to be charismatic and manly. But on a day to day basis, Yunho is really funny, and Yunho loves bowling. Whenever Yunho is bowling, his eyes light up and are different.


Changmin went on to say that whenever Yunho is at a bowling alley, he tries to attract the attention of everyone. Yunho knows that everyone is watching, and after he hits a strike, he clicks his foot on the floor (CLICK!), then he does a quick fan service (cute gesture for the fans) and gives everyone a look. Yunho also showed what it’s like when he’s actually bowling. (Pretty cute).

Everyone focused on Gong Hyung Jin, and he commented that he was actually extremely nervous because there were so many guests. Gong Hyung Jin thought that he would be the eldest, but because of Johnny Yoon he wasn’t. Gong Hyung Jin’s chalkboard read “This man is a straw.” Everyone was curious as to whom Gong Hyung Jin was talking about and it was actually Hyun Bin.

Everyone was wondering what Gong Hyung Jin meant by “Hyun Bin being a straw”. Gong Hyung Jin explained that this story is about Hyunbin’s past (When Hyun Bin used his real name “Kim Tae Pyung”). Hyun Bin was still a new celebrity and was associated under the same agency as Gong Hyung Jin. Hyun Bin was on the same baseball team ‘Playboys’ (made up of all the best looking Korean stars). Gong Hyung Jin exclaimed that all these handsome celebrities aren’t always handsome (That they are actually pretty dirty at times). Hyun Bin was the youngest, and he would watch and observe the other celebrities in order to improve himself. So Gong Hyung Jin was actually talking about how Hyun Bin was very observant and learning (pretty much like putting a straw on other celebrities’ necks and sucking out tips, haha a very vampiric analogy). Gong Hyung Jin exclaimed that Lee Seung Gi seems to be doing the same thing with Kang Hodong. Kang Hodong complained “I’m being used!!!”

After talking about Gong Hyung Jin and what it’s like to be an actor, the topic moved on to Secret Garden’s Lee Jong Suk. Lee Jong Suk’s chalkboard read “Secrets of Secret Garden” (Hopefully not just a teaser).

This was Lee Jong Suk’s first time on a variety show, and everyone first wanted to hear his famous quote from “Secret Garden” (I’m busy, Move, Screw off).

Kang Hodong described that Lee Jong Suk was probably extremely busy because of the fame of secret Garden. Then Kang Hodong asked Lee Jong Suk whether he actually gets to “experience” (meaning does he really feel popular?) his popularity. Lee Jong Suk answered in the affirmative.

Although he only had about 30 minutes throughout the 20 episodes, he still seemed to have a strong presence. Everyone exclaimed that it was probably because of the short lines that he had (I’m busy, Move, Screw Off). Lee Jong Suk revealed that Yoon Sang Hyun was annoyed because he had such long lines compared to Lee Jong Suk (Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Jong Suk appeared on the drama “Secret Garden” often. But comparing their lines, Lee Jong Suk would only say a few words). Yoon Sang Hyun was upset once and complained to Lee Jong Suk saying “Yo, say some more lines!”

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