Hyun Bin’s Vacation & Tang Wei’s Visit to Korea… Coincidental?

On April 23rd, Hyun Bin completed his seven week basic training and received his five-day vacation prior to his deployment to the front lines of Baengnyeongdo, the far end of the western sea, as part of the sixth division of the Marines. Coincidentally, on the 24th, Tang Wei made an unofficial visit to Korea. The actress, who came to Korea to shoot a Samsung Smart TV commercial, attended the movie “Late Autumn’s” ‘Good Bye GV’ event. Due to their fortuitous reunion, some are suspecting that there’s something going on between the two actors.

The two actors, who made a great couple together in the movie “Late Autumn,” have previously been caught in a love scandal. Regarding the scandal, Hyun Bin’s agency officially announced “Hyun Bin did not meet Tang Wei during his first vacation.” However, it seems a bit ingenious that the commercial that Tang Wei will be shooting happens to be Samsung’s Smart TV (for which Hyun Bin was the former model) and that she made an abrupt visit to Korea.

Hyun Bin’s agency denied the rumor, stating “The two actors will not be shooting together.” It seems that people are yearning for the two to fall in love. To tell the truth, it’s also because they do quite make a lovely couple together.

Originally written by hurlkie@soompi, Translated by cherryspirit@soompi