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Immortal Songs Two – The 12th Legend, the original all-round entertainer, Jun Young Rok.

The icon of popular culture that heavily influenced the 80’s and was the original all-round entertainer. He will forever be known as a young guy, the 12th legend is Jun Young Rok. The competition will be held using Jun Young Rok’s main hit songs and songs that they have personally written.

  • 4men Shin Yong Jae’s first dance initiation, for the first time ever the ballad singer’s hip dance and Michael Jackson dance will be revealed.
  • An explosion of singing talent, Huh Gak’s transforms into a rocker, he provokes a sense of autumn with his charming voice, Huh Gak’s “Please stop wind (바람아 멈추어다오).
  • Lovely boy Infinite’s Nam Woo Hyun’s sweet stage, he will go on stage together with Infinite’s charismatic rapper Dong Woo, Nam Woo Hyun’s “My love is a crybaby (내 사랑 울보).”
  • The master of transformations, Ali attempts trot for the very first time, this song gets newly reborn with a lilting singing voice and shouting. Ali’s “Nasty Person(얄미운 사람).
  • She recreates the sense of the 80’s with a cute dance and retro fashion, Davichi Kang Min Kyung’s Write about love using a pencil (사랑은 연필로 쓰세요).
  • Amazing guitar playing and an explosively high voice, he makes the legend Jun Young Rok and the audience go wild. Hong Kyung Min’s hard rock version of “On a white night (하얀 밤에).”
  • A shocking transformation, she reminds of you Beyoncé and makes it look like you are watching a scene from the movie “Dream Girls. Lim Jeong Hee’s elaborate and sexy version of “It must still be a dark night (아직도 어두운 밤인가봐).”


The radical transformations of the seven vocalists and an outcome that is impossible to predict. Immortal Songs Two – The 12th Legend, the original all-round entertainer, Jun Young Rok.



This week’s special SECRET ◆
Brown Eyed Girls Gain, Narsha, Jea, Miryo, Kim Jong Min, Mighty Mouth, Huh Kyung Hwan, Yang Bae Chu

The good looking men and girls have met inside the cage. The secret dance survival with MC Boom, who will be the dancing king and queen and what are the secrets that they would like to see. Gain personal reveals a highly classified secret about Jea? The special and private secret parade that allows us to find out about stars’ true nature.


Today is the day when Sangchu gets eaten alive?

Sangchu boasts the greatest amount and quality of personal connections, the greatest amount of friends so far reveals some of the biggest secrets ever on the show?

“Sangchu, he went around and swindles people by saying he was Lee Hyori’s choreographer?”

Singer Rhymer, who is good friends with Sangchu, reveals one of his secrets. Rhymer got a request from the owner of an event company, asking him to get the contact details for Lee Hyori’s choreographer. Sangchu, who was listening next to him claimed that “He was Lee Hyori’s dance teacher.” What is the truth behind this blatant lie by Sang Chu and he also swindled singer Byul, who needed an African rapper. The truth behind “Fraud King Sang Chu” will be revealed.


Bizarre Jea’s fatal secret?

Jea, who is charming due to her outrageousness, has one of her secrets revealed by one of her best friends.

“Jea, she vacuums up meat??”

Acknowledged by everyone, Jea is a massive meat mania. Her manager ends up taking her to a barbeque restaurant with her, thinking that since she is a girl, there is no way she would eat a lot and gets her to order to her hearts content. What was the reason for the fact that the manager had to shed a tear as he left the store? Brown Eyed Girls’ battle of appetites, Gain, who is well known for her cleanliness, desired a lunch set with sand mixed in it, what was the reason behind this? The side to Brown Eyed Girls that you could not see before will be shown on Secret.


Charismatic rapper Miryo, her sad love?

A colleague named Jura from her days as a member of Honey Family reveals Miryo’s love story

“Miryo, she had been dumped.”

Miryo had her talents acknowledged since her underground days with her charismatic rapping skills. She ended up falling in love with her dance teacher? Miryo ended up liking the dance teacher that Jura introduced to her, however when Jura went to tell him Miryo’s feelings instead of her, the dance teacher replied back with a shocking comment, what was this shocking comment? Also Gain got dumped after confessing her love during her primary school days, Gain, full of venom, decides to get some harsh revenge, what was this revenge like? Their sad love stories will be revealed on Secret!


Shawty, he is sad because he looks young

Shorry J is one of the youngest looking celebrities for his age; his friend reveals a humiliating story that occurred due to his young looks.

“Shorry J, He got into a match with a primary school kid?”

Shorry J’s best friend, actor Kim Seung Hyun reveals his secret, Shorry J used to have a part time job delivering meals to primary schools. He was working hard on that day as well when from a distance a primary school kid called out “Give me more kimchi!” The primary school kid looked to be the head bully of the school and was no ordinary kid. What was the action that Shorry J took against the rude primary school kid? Not only that, this sort of thing went on in High School and even when he was active within Mighty Mouth. Shorry J’s embarrassing stories about young looks keep coming out and will all be revealed on Secret!

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