Which Celebrity Was the Top CF Model Last Year?

Girls’ Generation was the most featured celebrity in CFs this past year. According to a survey by TV CF, an advertisement information site, the girls have appeared in 26 episodes of commercials in total. TV CF did the rankings focusing only on television commercial films. Commercials done in series were counted separately. Also, those featuring just TaeTiSeo or only one member were all categorized under Girls’ Generation.

After further analysis, Girls’ Generation earned its #1 ranking not only through name value but also YoonA’s activities promoting LG Electronics Smart TV, Ace Bed, and Inisfree products. YoonA has contributed the group’s standing with a total of 20 episodes of CFs on her own.

First half of the year, Girls’ Generation faced stiff competition with Olympic Champion Kim Yuna. However, the girls are recently leading by a lot. One reason for this is their regular feature in seasonal commercials such as Goobne Chicken. In the CF industry, the girls are considered the “top among top,” earning 1 million won in a year.

Kim Yuna’s power among CFs has held strong this year. Casting away her girlish image and exuding a more mature aura, she expanded her presence by landing the Hite beer model role. In addition, 17 episodes of Samsung smart air conditioner were broadcast on TV. The episode count is small, but according to experts, the number of times they are on air still makes the commercials among the top three. According to Korea CM Institute’s “survey on TV CM consumer favorability,” Kim Yuna is steadfast in her position as the #1 female model .

Here are the top ten celebrity rankings, according to the survey:

  1. Girls’ Generation, 26 episodes for LG Electronics, Smart TV, Ace Bed, etc.
  2. Big Bang, 24 episodes for Sunny Ten, Naver Music App, etc.
  3. Kim Tae Hee, 23 episodes for French Café CafeMix, Elastine, O Hui, etc.
  4. Kim Soo Hyun, 22 episodes for Cass, Pigeon detergent, Beyond, etc.
  5. Won Bin, 20 episodes for Maxim TOP, K2, Cuckoo water filter system, etc
  6. YoonA, 20 episodes for Look, Eider jacket, etc.
  7. Park Yoo Chun, 18 episodes for ramen, pain reliever pills, Nintendo, etc.
  8. Lee Seung Gi, 18 episodes for Pizza Hut, Zipel, etc.
  9. Gong Yoo, 17 episodes for Samsung fire, Kanu, etc.
  10. Kim Yuna, 17 episodes for Samsung smart air conditioner, Hite, etc.