Celebrity Candid Moments in K-Pop This Week!

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Another week has passed in the world of K-Pop and our stars are so faithful keeping us up to date with their lives! From Jang Geun Suk transforming into Batman to Sistar19 having a new addition, PSY and Justin Bieber rubbing shoulders and Leonardo Dicaprio promoting in Korea, lots of little bits of daily goodness are in store!

Flip through the gallery to see a few of many celebrities in the bizz sharing what’s on their mind.. and who knows? Maybe you’ve learned something new about your favorite stars!

Superhero Jang Geun Suk
On March 2, Jang Geun Suk posted on his twitter, “Good night!!!” in Korean, English and in Japanese.

Global K-Pop Meetup
On March 2, “Star Audition” contestant Shayne Orok posted on his twitter, “Met up with my friend Miguel for dinner and met A-Prince’s Siyoon ^_^ Really nice people! �de00 :D”

Kim Woo Bin in Bali
On March 3, actor Kim Woo Bin wrote on his me2day, “I’m going to Bali!”

Sistar19’s Newest Member
On March 3, Teen Top’s leader C.A.P posted on his twitter, “Lalalalalala long hair sisters! I also have long hair.”

Student Kang Ji Young
On March 4, Kara’s Kang Ji Young wrote on her twitter, “First time going to school. I will come back after attending. Thump thump.”

BFF’s Jessica and Park Min Young
On March 4, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica updated her UFO town’s profile picture and wrote a short message, “Happy birthday, unni. Love you.”

15& Beyond
On March 4, 15&’s Park Ji Min wrote on her twitter, “I’m anticipating high school 15&.”

Suzy’s Playful Parody
On March 4, miss A’s Suzy wrote on her twitter, “I don’t know. I wouldn’t know~” It’s actually lyrics from Uhm Jung Hwa’s popular song “I Don’t Know,” which was released in 1999.

Maknae G-Dragon
On March 4, Big Bang’s G-Dragon wrote on his twitter, “I came to Jeju Island to film for ‘Thank You.’ I got to talk a lot with Cha In Pyo hyung, Kim Mi Hwa big nuna, Kang Soo Jin little nuna and I’m learning from them. Really like it! I’m a real maknae here, umm, what would be a great activity to do with them?”

Park Min Ha Returns
On March 4, child actress Park Min Ha wrote on her twitter, “I’ve filmed for ‘Night King’ after a long time. Eun Byul will make a small appearance tomorrow.”

Minzy’s Makeup Experiment
On March 4, 2NE1’s Minzy wrote on her twitter, “Purple hair and pink lip.”

Joo Won’s Self Cheer
On March 5, Joo Won wrote on his twitter, “Woohoohoohoohoohoohoo~ Tired~ Everyone good night~ ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’ fighting~! Let’s go let’s go!”

Jia’s Bored?
On March 5, miss A’s Jia wrote on her twitter, “What’s everyone doing?”

Park Min Young’s Birthday Blessings
On March 5, Park Min Young wrote on her twitter, “Thank you everyone who wished me well on my birthday. I’m really really thankful.”


Elementary Student Huh Gak
On March 5, Huh Gak wrote on his twitter, “This was before recording ‘Open Concert.’ Stylist Yang Eun Jin said I look like an elementary student.”

Hyelim Watches Ye Eun’s Musical
On March 6, Wonder Girls’ Hyelim wrote on her twitter, “Went to see Yenny’s musical today! She was amazing!”

Sulli’s Tease
On March 6, f(x)’s Sulli posted on her me2day, “We’ll probably see each other more often now, right? Us?”

PSY’s a Belieber?
On March 6, PSY posted a picture with Justin Bieber, “When was this?”

Naughty Nichkhun
On March 6, 2PM’s Nichkhun posted on weibo, “Hi~”

Awkward Sandara Nuna
On March 6, 2NE1’s Sandara Park wrote on her twitter, “Took a picture after watching ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.’ It was really fun. Snapped a picture with Joseph’s Siwan. Awkward awkward..”

QT Qri
On March 6, T-Ara’s Qri posted on her twitter, “I’m sorry if I surprised you. Sleep well.”

Kangta’s Ready for Battle
On March 6, Kangta wrote on his twitter, “In the middle of practicing for the battle round. Please look forward to who will fill up the remaining spots on the team. I promise that the battle round will be daebak.”

Simon D’s New Hairdo
On March 6, Supreme Team’s Simon D posted on his twitter, “It’s been 8 years since I last cut my sides and back. Since I went back to this style, quite a few people didn’t recognize me… Just in case other people didn’t recognize me.”

G-Dragon Misses His Old Hair
On March 6, Big Bang’s G-Dragon posted on his twitter, “Fantastic baby hair style.. again?” He later posted, “It’s real. The real thing has come.”

Smitten Sean
On March 7, Sean posted on his twitter, “People sometimes call me a charity angel. That’s not true. I’m just a person who met an angel like Hye Young. Hye Young sent me this picture while she was at her filming ^^.”


Quiet Birthday Date
On March 7, F.T. Island’s Choi Jung Hoon wrote on his twitter, “I’m having a meal with Seungri on my birthday. Thanks. You, who put a lot of energy on your hair on my birthday. Is it your birthday?”

Lizzy’s Alter Ego
On March 7, After School’s Lizzy wrote on her twitter, “I’m Avatar keke.”

Child Actresses
On March 7, child actress Kim So Hyun posted on her twitter, “With valuable actress So Won~ Let’s try do something [a project] together.”

Leonardo’s Visit
On March 7, announcer Yoo Hye Young wrote on her twitter, “Leonardo Dicaprio’s first visit to Korea. Exclusive interview for the movie. Warm man. Almost got mesmerized by his blue eyes. Please look forward to “Django Unchained.”

Playful Chang Jo
On March 7, Teen Top’s Chang Jo wrote on his twitter, “Haha, the school uniform is awkward… school uniform… I look cute, right? This school uniform belongs to Ricky. It’s small.”

Antsy Actor
On March 7, actor Jung Suk Eun wrote on his twitter, “Currently filming for ‘You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin.’ Since I’m in the middle of filming… middle of filming. Hahaha. Two days left! Please enjoy the premiere!” He later updated a post with “Waiting for filming to start.”

Sleepy Minah
On March 7, Girl’s Day Minah wrote on her twitter, “Sigh I don’t want to open my eyes. Oh yea, my eyes aren’t open usually.”

Hipster Couple
On March 8, Jay Park posted on his twitter, “Again with the miss.”

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