The Seven Most Desirable Idol Students

We recently reported that miss A‘s Suzy was picked as the number one female star that people thought received the most love from teachers. To commemorate Teachers’ Day (May 15) in South Korea, here at Soompi we asked, “Which idol star would you like to teach the most?”

Idol superstar BoA

BoA would be an ideal student because she has shown that she is highly self-motivated and bright. On her guest appearance on “Win Win,” BoA revealed she took the equivalent of a GED test to pass both junior high school and high school because she was unable to properly attend school in order to purse her dream of being a singer.

BoA also boasts fluency in three language- English, Korean, and Japanese.

2NE1‘s charismatic leader, CL

Speaking of languages, doesn’t CL speak four? As a lover of languages, I am always jealous of people who know so many. CL is known to speak English, Korean, Japanese, and French.

The multi-talented Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi has to be one of the busiest  and most hard-working celebrities in the biz with his many roles as singer, actor, MC, and student. Lee Seung Gi received his bachelor’s degree in International Trade at Dongguk University and also completed a master’s program. He is in the process of obtaining another master’s degree at the Department of Cultural Contents in Dongguk. I think it will be fun to teach Lee Seung Gi because although he may be smart and hard-working, he has shown himself to be not so perfect as the heodang of “1 Night, 2 Days.”

Wonder Girls‘ brain, Yenny

Yenny is one of the few girl group members who composes music and from interviews I have seen, she seems sharp and confident, which are desirable characteristics in a student. She also revealed her high school report card on “Happy Together,” which showed that she ranked first in her class and ninth in the entire school. 

Girl’s Generation maknae Seohyun

Even though Seohyun is the maknae, or youngest, of the group, she has shown herself to be one of the most mature members, always nagging her unnies about putting on their seat belts and going to sleep early for better skin. Seohyun has also stated many times that the person she respects the most is U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon

Although I am not sure I want Seohyun to nag me about looking like a raccoon…

MBLAQ‘s adorable airhead Lee Joon

When Lee Joon makes an appearance on a variety show I make sure to watch because I know I’m going to end with stomach pains from laughing too hard. Lee Joon, whether by intent or chance, has earned the descriptor of “airhead” with his lack of common sense and unexpected antics. I’m sure he will make any classroom fun to be in.

Infinite‘s visual, L

It doesn’t matter if he is a good student or not. L is a completely shallow choice based on the desire to have eye-candy right smack in the middle of the classroom. Forbidden teacher-student romance anyone?

“The Least Desirable Idol Student” – ZE:A‘s loudmouth, Kwang Hee

I love Kwang Hee, I really do. He brings energy to any variety show and his truthful and direct personality is refreshing. But I would NOT want him in my class. He would give me a heart attack every time he called out “Teacher!” in his loud and ringing voice. I don’t want my autopsy to read, “Died of fright.”

What about you, Soompiers? Which idol would you like to teach?