Stills for “Goddess of Fire” Give Glimpse of Kim Bum’s Mane of Glory

What is a sageuk without the “mane of glory”?

Stills from the gosa (shamanistic ritual in which food is offered to the spirits in order to avoid misfortune and bring good luck) for the upcoming MBC drama, “Goddess of Fire, Jung-yi” (hereafter “Goddess of Fire”) have been released and in them, readers can view candid moments of the cast and staff in their drama outfits or casual wear.

“Goddess of Fire” is about the life of Yoo Jung, Joseon dynasty’s greatest and first female ceramic artist. Moon Geun Young plays the lead role of Yoo Jung. The drama also stars Lee Sang Yoon, Kim Bum, and Lee Kwang Soo

Through the stills released, fans of Kim Bum will be able to catch a glimpse of the actor sporting a “mane of glory,” or the long sageuk hair that K-drama fans affectionately call. Kim Bum plays the role of Kim Tae Do who grew up with the main character Yoo Jung and harbors a “pure love” for her.

Goddess of Fire gosa

“Goddess of Fire” airs after “Gu Family Book” completes its run this week. It premieres next Monday, July 1, on MBC. You can view the trailer here.