The Hair! The Outfit! Lee Jong Suk and ZE:A’s Kwang Hee Past Photo Makes the Rounds

An old photo of ZE:A‘s Kwang Hee and the most buzzed about young actor these days, Lee Jong Suk, have started circulating the internet, garnering a lot of attention.

The photo shows Kwang Hee and Lee Jong Suk looking young and fresh, with outfits and hairstyles reminiscent of days before skinny jeans took over Korea. Lee Jong Suk has his hand on Kwang Hee’s shoulder, and the two give a small smile for the camera. 

Netizens who saw this photo commented, “Their old photo is funny,” “They look so young,” and “This photo is really something!”

For contrast, here is a photo from a recent pictorial that Lee Jong Suk and Kwang Hee was featured in for Ceci.

Lee Jong Suk Kwang Hee ceci