“WGM 4” Jinwoon, Go Joon Hee, Jo Jung Chi, and Jung In’s Departure Looks Likely

After Osen reported that the JinwoonGo Joon Hee and Jo Jung ChiJung In couple were going to leave the MBC weekend variety show “We Got Married 4,” Go Joon Hee’s reps came out to state that her departure is under discussion while stating to another news agency that it is certain. Jinwoon’s agency confirmed the departure, saying that the couple just filmed their final date. Jung In’ reps also confirmed the departure.

MBC took a different stance, stating that the two couple’s departure is not certain but under consideration. Various reps from “We Got Married” stated to different news agencies that, with the exception of the Taemin and Son Na Eun couple, the departure of the other two couples are under consideration. The show experienced a production team change recently, and with that switch, they are considering some changes to the program.

It seems fans of “We Got Married” will have to wait for MBC to make a final announcement to be sure, but it looks pretty certain that the two older couples will be leaving the show.

2AM’s Jinwoon and actress Go Joon Hee have acted as a couple on the show for six months since starting this past March. Singers Jo Jung Chi and Jung In entered the show later, as the only real-life couple on the “virtual marriage” program.

Who would you like to see next for “We Got Married”?

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