Rumors of MC Mong’s Comeback Arise Again, Agencies Courting Him?

Rumors regarding MC Mong’s comeback is the subject of discussion among various music industry officials. It has been revealed that multiple agencies have already begun making attempts to get in contact with the rapper

An industry insider revealed in a conversation with a Korean media outlet, “There are rumors about MC Mong’s comeback, but nothing will be confirmed until he takes action himself.”

The insider added, “There are many parties in the music industry who are waiting for MC Mong’s comeback. Many agencies have relayed their intentions to MC Mong, but he has yet to give an answer. What he wants to do is most important.”

There were rumors involving MC Mong’s comeback last March; however, his representative stated, “It’s not true.”

Meanwhile, MC Mong was charged for making attempts to evade military service. The Supreme Court ruled he was innocent. 


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