Song Seung Hun’s “Obsessed” Beats Hyun Bin’s “The Fatal Encounter” in the Box Office

Song Seung Hun‘s first movie in four years showed great popularity as it beat out Hyun Bin‘s movie in the box office. According to officials, Song Seung Hun’s movie, “Obsessed,” debuted in the box office with an audience of 89,081 people on its May 15 movie premiere. With the addition of the people who watched the movie’s press premiere, the total amount people who watched “Obsessed” on its opening day was counted at 93,760 people. 

While “Obsessed” took first place on May 15 box office, Hyun Bin’s movie, “The Fatal Encounter,” dropped to fourth place with an audience of 46,154 people. Despite its continuous popularity, Hyun Bin’s movie could not help but drop in ranking during the first day of Song Seung Hun’s movie. 

“Obsessed” is about a secret love affair between a military officer and the wife of a lower ranking officer during the Vietnam War. 

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