Song Seung Hun Wants to Shoot a Bed Scene with Miranda Kerr?

Actor Song Seung Hun has expressed his interest in shooting an intimate scene with Hollywood actress Miranda Kerr.

The actor and director Kim Dae Woo sat down with local news outlet NEW to discuss their latest film “Human Addiction.”

After appearing on JTBC’s 19+ talk show “Witch Hunt,” Song Seung Hun has been under the spotlight for his witty wordplay. As expected he continued to flash his fun personality during the interview.

When asked about the reason for having the story take place in 1969, the actor asked, “Why do people say the year 1969 sounds risqué?” and evoked laughter with his comment. 

As the film is well known for including the first-ever bed scene of Song Seung Hun, he was asked to share who he would love to shoot another one with. He revealed, “Miranda Kerr,” and continued, “I will text you the name of the Korean actress.”

“Human Addiction” is currently playing in movie theaters in Korea.