Uhm Jung Hwa and Song Seung Hun Would Like to Be Born Again as Each Other

Actress Uhm Jung Hwa said that if she could be born again as someone else, she would like to be Song Seung Hun.

On the July 18 episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” the main actors of the movie “Miss Wife,” Uhm Jung Hwa and Song Seung Hun, were featured.

On this day, Uhm Jung Hwa was asked, “If you could be born again, who would you like to be?” She responded, “I would like to be born again as Song Seung Hun. But I don’t want to have so much self-control as him.”

To this, Song Seung Hun likewise responded, “I’d also like to be born as Uhm Jung Hwa. But I also want to live more freely. I’ll accept every man around me who loves me,” leading to a moment of hilarity in the studio.

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