October Spokesmodel Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

On October 29, the Korean Business Research Institute revealed their findings regarding the brand reputation rankings for spokesmodels in October.

The rankings are based on 34,665,904 pieces of data gathered from September 27 to October 28.

Park Bo Gum took first place with a total of 8,618,542. He enjoyed a 453.95 percent increase since his August score of 2,675,514.

A source from the Korean Business Research Institute commented, “Park Bo Gum became the talk of the town following his drama ‘Reply 1988‘ and his recent drama ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.’ Thus a new term called ‘Park Bo Gum Effect’ was created.”

The source further talked about how Park Bo Gum is loved by many individuals across different age groups and how he is helpful in increasing sales as a spokesmodel.

See the full rankings for October spokesmodels below:

1. Park Bo Gum
2. Baek Jong Won
3. Song Joong Ki
4. Kang Dong Won
5. Gong Yoo
6. Yoo Jae Suk
7. IU
8. Ryu Jun Yeol
9. Kim Soo Hyun
10. Ha Jung Woo
11. Kim Yuna
12. Taeyeon
13. Lee Seo Jin
14. Song Hye Kyo
15. Han Hyo Joo
16. Jun Ji Hyun
17. Hyeri
18. Suzy
19. Park Shin Hye
20. Choi Ji Woo

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